Vlog #100: Function over Fashion & Puzzled..

Video Notes

  • Do you plan on adding any edge banding or a face frame? Function over fashion. Greatest thing I learned from my Grandfather.
  • Mop bucket and food accessory in the same closet?? Mmm tasty! I guarantee more bacteria is on your hands when you eat just from using your cell phone than in a mop bucket that just had cleaning chemicals in it.
  • Puzzle from Tim Hall at HallCastle.com


  1. ANy germs/bacteria on a toaster will be destroyed by the heat of the toasting process ,like any appliance that generates heat.Some people just need to see ghosts

  2. I really appreciate your honesty when you make mistakes, oversights, and just plain-ol dumbness. I do all of those things all the time! Thankfully, I don’t have any witnesses for most of them. You handle yours with grace and tact. Nice to see someone willing to laugh at themselves and remind the rest of us just how big the club is. Love your videos and blogs, great job on both. Big fan !!!!

  3. Jay, Some time back you did a video on resawing wood, I asked about sending pictures of my simple guide fence that lets the user take care of the drift with out the use of a fence you need to set up.
    So if you would like to see what it look’s like I have pictures I could send. along with a description of how to use it. Just tell me where.

    • A couple of things:

      1. I love the wheelbarrow restoration idea and can’t wait to see it.

      2. The mop thing. It’s your business, I personally don’t care where you keep your mop bucket. :) However, (you could see the however thing coming a mile away) mops, like sponges, breed bacteria. If you put that mop away wet, in a heap in the bottom of the bucket, it takes too long to dry and it becomes a bacteria nursery. You might consider putting a hook on the wall above the bucket and letting the mop hang in the air while still in the bucket. That should help a little. Just an old woman’s hint. I’m probably not your average viewer, I’ve started trying to learn woodworking at the tender age of 62. I enjoy watching your videos, I learn a lot. My first lesson I had to learn was how not to vomit in fear when I turned on the table saw!! :O Thanks for all the info.

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