Vlog #101: Wheelbarrow, Christmas Gifts, Boxes

Video Notes

  • Sometimes when someone points something out you get tunnel vision and only what they pointed out and not the rest of the project…ya know what I mean?
  • Do you like the old tool quick videos?
  • Bunk Bed made by Anthony Smith


  • Miter Saw Station made by Doug Patton


  • Air filter cart made by Cory Sears



  1. Jay – You can add a plug easily to your cart by swapping out the switch with a switch outlet combo, thats what I did to mine right after I got it done and realized it made a great sanding table but had no place to plug in the sander.

  2. I also thought it would have been more decorative if you had done the double board sides,but you were basically replicating. I think the best “garden” barrow is the one made on WWMM which I built and does look more rustic especially made from pallet wood

  3. oh! oh! “… It was a good way to get rid of some of this red oak…”. Oh! BITE YER TONGUE!!!

    If yew EVER want ta git rid of red oak (or white oak, or cypress, or cedar, or anything), pleeease let me know and I will gladly take it often YER hans, an even sweep da floor after!

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