Vlog #102: Chess Board Follow-Up & My Dog House 2 Years Later

Video Notes:

  • King height determines square size. I went with max size for my bandsaw resaw capacity.
  • Queen on own color and white H1 square. Keep that in mind if you decide to make your own board.
  • Not a continuous grain on the box but you can’t tell.
  • No felt for the inside. I wanted the contrasting hickory to show from below.
  • Where did you get the pieces? While traveling through Kentucky a few years ago.
  • The top is a veneer to minimize wood movement.

Dog house after 2 years:


  1. You said the Chess pieces smelled like rotten eggs when scratched. Do you think that they might possibly be made from Antlers. They smell that way when you turn them.

  2. Jay, a hung 20 watt light bulb will heat your dog house in winter and keep the guys comfortable. A piece of burlap hung in the doorway will hold in heat and let the guys come and go.
    Old oriental proverb: “Never meddle in the affairs of dragons …for thou art crispy and taste good with ketchup.”

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