Vlog #103: Christmas decorations and gift ideas

Video Notes:

  • I used some scrap plywood to make snowmen for my yard last week. My mother-in-law and nephew stayed with us for a couple days and it was a great proejct idea to get the whole family involved. We also did the same thing a couple years ago for Halloween decorations.
  • I forgot to mention this in the video: I frequently get asked if people should buy SketchUp Pro to learn SketchUp to help them with their projects. DON’T buy the pro version unless you absolutely need the extra features in the Layout program. I recommend using the completely free version SketchUp 8. I have more info here.
  • David Goss modified my bunk bed for a twin over full design. It’s easily modified for different size beds.
  • Jon Doolin sent me a Christmas tree ornament with my logo. It’s made from an old Christmas tree which is pretty neat. Check out his Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/woodyoulike.co.uk. And see a video of his process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mznWRgjHNRs
  • Laser Lion sent me a HS push stick that is crazy awesome. https://www.instagram.com/laserlion_fab/


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