Vlog #99: Flag case, Rabbet Plane, Pantry vs Closet, YouTube Stats.

Video Notes

  • Tyler G colab on a flag case. Click here if you missed it. 
  • Regarding last week’s vlog: A rabbet plane won’t work for the shooting board. I grabbed mine as an example that a block plane can be used.
  • First video to break 1 million views on my channel is a welding video.
  • Pantry planning; Is it a pantry or a hall closet? I’ll make a video covering the thought process on the direction I’m taking.


  1. I think a majority of people would agree with your Youtube comments regarding length. I will sit through a lengthy video if as you say it’s ‘engaging’. Most people I know appreciate you speeding up tasks and NOT having to watch drilling every screw hole, saw cut and other repetitive tasks at ‘normal’ speed. Off topic… My wife said to ask if you, April, Nick or TylerG had plans to do any videos of holiday related display items such as outdoor/porch or interior decorations. (dust catchers). Congratulations on your following!

  2. I agree, holding my attention is more important than the length of the video. The only effect the length has on my viewing is wether or not I have time to watch it at that moment, if I don’t, I’ll watch it when I do.

  3. I agree with John above, especially as to multiple cuts /holes etc , when you’ve seen one or two done ‘ I like the way you speed it up !
    keep the videos coming , I enjoy them .

  4. I like the longer videos where you see a whole project get competed.

    Neat talk on the stats and I’d love to offer any help I can. I’ve worked in data for years.

    It’d be interesting to see where those million views originate from. Or what other videos of yours people watch after watching that one. Thanks for the show Long time fan.

    Ps no “Tuesday as usual” this time? ;)

  5. G’day Jay
    Love ya cupboard fixer upper.

    I watch most of your videos but have you done one on dust collection.
    My shed layout is similar to yours but a bit smaller thanks to SWWBO who took a section to do her craft stuff.
    I’m trying to work out what’s the best way to collect all the crasp that floats in the air.
    I’ve just built a lean to at the back of the shed to put a dust collector and compressor.
    Any ideas would be very helpful.

  6. The fact that you show the end product right at the beginning, makes a long video ok. If I start watching and it’s just a bunch of planks being cut etc but I don’t know why, I either skip to the end and never go back to the start or just don’t bother and go unto a next video.

    Showing me the goal, makes me immediatly go, “Ya, I wanna see how to make that” and I’m hooked for the rest of the video, even the boring bits where I just have to watch you eat chips ;-)

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