Vlog #106: Camera Stand Follow-up

Video Notes:

  • Last Saturday I went to City Hardwoods in Birmingham, Alabama. Pretty nifty place. Check them out if you’re in the area.
  • Yes, I’ve seen just about every other alternative on YouTube with ceiling mounted systems, trolley systems, clamp arm systems, and floor systems.
  • Yes, three casters instead of four will be more stable. I evaluated using a triangular base but it would increase the minimum width of the base. Using four is not a problem.
  • Whether you use a 6” caster or a 2” caster, if there is something on the floor in the path of the caster the solution is to move the object, not run it over.
  • Yes, if I mount the arms on the right side of the carriage bolt gravity would cause it to tighten if it falls and therefore be less likely to fall. I totally know what you’re talking about. But I can’t stand to have the arms on the right due to the way I interact with the camera and swivel mount. That’s one of the reasons why I added the bungee cord. For situations where it might be a danger to someone’s safety if it loosens I’d definitely move it but in this case I’ll live a bit on the wild side.
  • PTFE spray. This is the spray I talked about using: http://amzn.to/2gPUH2I
  • Why not make the upper horizontal bar longer, and put some counter weight? You might not need that post and bungee. My walk ways are short. I don’t want to have something being in the way on both sides of the pole.
  • After editing the video and working with this in the shop for a day the carriage bolt ended up stripping out. It was a cheap, low grade bolt. I replaced it with a grade 8 bolt and it’s working great. Just thought I’d throw that out there if you end up making something similar.
  • Why is the pole long? Can you cut it shorter?


  1. Great job on you camera stand, no negative comments, seems as though, you have had plenty.
    Thank you for the tip about CH in Birmingham. I live about 40 min. from the place and had no idea it was there. Went by to check it out Monday, was pleased with what I saw. It is on my list, along with Woodcraft in Pelham for my wood supply. There are some local saw mills near by, but don’t want to wait on drying.
    Keep up the good work and the great videos.

  2. Jay-

    I am a pro photographer. Had I known you needed a studio stand I would have given you mine. I just got rid of it!

    If you remember the stand you used in the furniture factory, it probably had a lead weight/counterweight in the vertical tube. This keeps the lift mechanism from falling and makes lifting and lowering much easier.

    RE: The monitor. Whatever you do DON’T mount it on the top. You have a tendency to look off camera a lot. Putting the monitor anywhere other than next to the camera will cause to look everywhere but at the camera… great job, keep it up.

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