I had nose surgery. This is my story.

Video Notes:

  • I had nose surgery. The results are LIFE CHANGING! I can finally breathe through my nose efficiently. Thinking about it just makes me smile :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • No cosmetic changes to the sniffer. I’m still as ugly as I was before :)
  • Doc says I need to not be around sawdust for several weeks. I let my dust collector run (HEPA filter) for several hours to clean the air before getting back into the shop and then put a light mask on and cleaned up really good. Hopefully this, along with running the dust collector and air filter while I’m not in there will keep the air clean enough for me to shoot more non project videos.
  • I saw Rogue One. Totally didn’t expect that ending. GREAT movie!!
  • Have a good one, folks.



  1. Jay, congratulations on your successful surgery. I did anesthesia as a nurse anesthetist for 42 years prior to retiring in 2011. We hardly ever get a follow-up from our patients regarding their experience so this vlog was great for me. Thanks!

  2. I haven’t watched the video yet. I have one question.
    Were you able to pick your nose?

    I’ll be here all week. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  3. now that you are inside with the computer, just maybe you could teach us sketch up at a verry very reduced pace, . im getting older and have trouble with the speed at which you. describe your actions.
    yep i dont know squat about it yet but need to.
    you have a good voice that does not put us too sleep or is overcome with background music.
    thank you for all you vids.

    • GREAT IDEA!! Stay inside and do some sketch up videos/training. I would really appreciate and so will your nose!

    • Oh, yes, please! I have watched some of your Sketchup videos, but, like JD, I find the pace a bit frantic. More Sketchup videos, please, at a more sedate pace.

    • Ditto here Those of us (Getting to be the majority) are getting “old” ( all though I dont plan on being old till my 101 birthday). Sorry I digress, Where were we?? o yah Getting old and forgetfull so sloooooow is good. I would love to learn more about sketchup as well. So far I can draw a box of unknow size but cant do anything with it. Thanks again Paul

  4. Hello, Jay. I am Dan Grady from Wilmington, NC. I am 64 years old and have been a woodworker all my life. I share your excitement of your surgery, because I basically had the same surgery as you–for the same reasons are you–in December 2009. I had sinus problems since my teenage years, and though it had progressively got worse over the years, I had, like you, learned to live with it and shrug it off. My nose was always stopped up, and most of my breathing was done through my mouth. Finally I decided that enough was enough, and scheduled an appointment with an eye-ear-nose-and-throat doctor. I only had that one appointment with her, and she said I needed immediate surgery. She did the surgery the next week–the week before Christmas 2009. Like you, I had a deviated septum, and polyps in my nose removed. She also told me that she cleaned and “drilled” out all my sinus cavities, two of which were completely blocked. I remember waking up like you, and even having all that gooey booger packing in my nose, I could still breath easier than before the surgery. Turns out, my doctor had put a small plastic tube down the middle of the packing (yeah, they were about 4-5 inches long) in each nasal cavity. Funny story–when I returned to the doctor’s office the week after Christmas to have the tubes and packing removed, my doctor was on vacation, so another doctor in the office had to remove them. He had trouble doing so, because it turns out my doctor had sewn the two tubes together by punching a hole through the cartilage in my nose, and sewing a stitch to hold them together! Then this doctor realized that my surgeon was lefthanded, and had put the knot in the stitching in the left nostril (I guess most doctors put it in the right nostril!) I, too, remember my sense of excitement in being able to breath again, and thinking, “This is how it feels to be able to breath properly!” And I could actually SMELL things again! I promise you that, in the coming months and years, you will be saying the same things I have been saying, the past 8 years. “This was the best medical procedure I ever had done for myself!” and “Why did I wait so long?” Well, at least you did not wait until you were in your 50’s! Best of luck to you! This video hit home with me, and I smiled all the way through it, as I could see the real joy and happiness at how better you now feel. I kept thinking to myself, “Yeah, that’s the way it was for me, too!” On the other hand, though I don’t like needles, either, I never had panic attacks about them. I did, however, have an unusual reaction to the sedative they gave me, and it involved my inability to “go to the bathroom” before I left the SurgCare office! But that’s another story for another time!

  5. Hi Jay, glad to hear your surgery was successful, I just loved hearing your story. I had many operations and know what you went through, I also had a nose job with cotton wool inserted, so painful and uncomfortable, it’s great to have your nose back. Hope we hear some more from you within the next few weeks. Get well soon. Best wishes, Peter UK

  6. Me again. We seem to be cut from the same cloth. I, too, am a man who flips out with needles. I look like I’m going to pass out but never have. Apparently all blood leaves my face and my pupils get huge. Copious amounts of sweat as well. And where I am quite large, the nurses was demanded that any time I have blood work done in the future that I let them know I’ll need a stretcher because the last time I just sat in a chair. When they saw my reaction they called for a stretcher. I started to stand up and 3 nurses tackled me back into the chair and told me to wait until several larger staff members arrived to help me. None of that was necessary but I complied to put them at ease.
    Anyway…enough about how much of a wuss I am.
    I’m happy everything was a success. Breath easy and get to work with sketchup and make some epic plans. It’s gonna be a long 4-8 weeks

  7. I can’t believe that you forgot to have your wife run the camera. It would have gone viral. Glad to hear you’ve finally got that issue taken care of, working in a dusty environment and having to breathe mostly through your mouth does not filter out the fines that the nose hairs normally would catch. Looking forward to many more videos.

  8. Glad the surgery went well for you. I had something similar done, but only on one side, and they removed my tonsils at the same time. Kind of weird for a 60 year old. It really improved the breathing on that side. I wish they had done both sides now. It was probably one of the longest recoveries I have every had from surgery, but well worth it.

    Sounds like you need to take up hand tool woodworking for a bit, with no sanding. That should keep the dust down to a dull roar.

    By the way, for the needle thing, cut one corner off your man card! 8=>)

    Glad you are doing better.

  9. Jay-
    Those of us that have gone through what you have gone through CAN relate to you. Sorry, but I really laughed my butt off several times throughout your video. Loved it. Glad you are doing better. Just make sure you do the sinus rinses regularly. Thanks for the commentary. It was great and hilarious. Good luck on the recovery and thanks again for all of the videos. I have learned so much.

  10. well Jay, l am glad the operation was a success, l fully understand your emotion prior to and after the op.
    take care, l will wait for the next video, but take your time

  11. Jay,

    Love the videos. I’d follow up with the doctor but I’d recommend getting a powered respirator system. I use one because I have beard but it’d be an exceptional purifier that won’t touch your nose plus it acts as a face shield. Check out the versaflo system from 3m. They’re expensive but if it helps keep the business growing.

  12. Did you have a septolasty and a rhinoplasty? Also, it sounds like you had a traditional surgery instead of an endoscopic. Were you offered or did you discuss endoscopic surgery?

    I have a severely deviated septum causing me almost no flow on my left and poor floor on my right.

  13. I have never seen a happier man. That was a great story Jay, and we are all glad your recovery is going well. My70 yo friend had the same surgery last summer and he was in a LOT of pain and I was concerned that you might be as well. Glad youth was on your side! Do stay out of the dust as infection is a very bad side effect. Glad you are well-er, and keep on sniffin’.

  14. Jay, OMG I couldn’t stop laughing. I was not laughing at you I was laughing with you. I too just recently had my nose done. See, my nose got realigned by my 3yr old brother with a cowboy boot back in the day. Listening to you tell the story, that was my experience too. To be able to take a deep breath through my nose for the first time is truly amazing. Have you noticed your food tasting a little different, or you thought that something smelled one way but now it doesn’t smell that way at all. MIND BLOWEN. Any way have a good one

  15. Hey Jay, Happy New Year, and congrats on getting the surgery. My son had the same procedure done a few years ago (he was 28), and says one of the biggest benefits was finally being able to blow his nose. Reduced snoring, better sleep, and reduced head colds are all in the plus column as well.
    I enjoy all your video and shop related info. Hope to get my own channel going soon. I’ve got a good bit of material, the challenge for me is editing…

  16. PS: The Sketch Up idea was mentioned by two people before, and I’d like to third the idea (can ya “third” somthin?) Anyway, from YOU, I could maybe LEARN it!

  17. Take care Jay. Stay out of the shop for a few weeks. Good news on the breathing improvements. If you get bored, you can always do some more of your great ‘SketchUp’ videos (not from your shop). Get well.

  18. Glad to hear surgery went well. I had the same surgery about 27 years ago, so I can relate to your story. Back then they did not use a plastic cage as you described it. They used a nasal tampon and it looked just like it sounds. Unfortunately my symptoms returned after a few years. I now have a procedure done by my chiropractor/naturopath where he uses balloons to open up the sinuses. Non-evasive procedure that only takes a couple of days to recover and effects lasted longer than the surgery. Been five years and just now going in for a tune up.
    Thought I would through that out there in case, like me, it does not give you long term relief or for others that are looking for an option other than surgery.

  19. Jay, Enjoyed hearing your story. Haven’t seen you smile so much before. Glad it went well and hope you’re doing well.

  20. I’m glad everything’s going OK. The idea about sketchup is great. You’re so good at it, that I would gladly pay for the course. Maybe if you do that, it would offset the financial strain of not being able to make your usual videos.

  21. Yup , sounds just like what my friend went through, she got sever headaches when we would all go on MC rides. She feels awesome now.

    Thanks for sharing ! It put a smile on my face !

    We will all wait for your full recovery, looking forward to your next project video. Get well.

  22. You will very tankful. Did you have a simple surgery. you only going to rest 4 to6 weeks.
    I was open heart surgery and have to rest 4 to 6 months. I also love the woodworking. Sorry how write I tray my best.

  23. It’s sure awesome when things work out better than expected! Glad you’re fixed although once you get to be my age the suppository option comes in the form of what looks like a 9′ stick with a camera on the end of it!

  24. Glad everything worked out for your “nose”. Now go and have a popsicle you deserve it. I’ll be here waiting for the next video or videos.

  25. Glad your surgery went well. I am a retired Respiratory Therapist and understand your excitement in being able to breath properly. The main satisfaction we get as respiratory therapist is to watch our patience smile and appreciate the results of our work. Trust me no one looked down on you for your behavior, its all part of the job. Again, our reward is your obvious excitement.

  26. Jay, glad your surgery was a success. With your off time now it would be great to see some more sketchup tutorials. Keep up the great content.

  27. Glad you are doing great. The idea of Sketch Up Would be great for us old woodworkers. Going through a simple build showing everything and how to create cut list etc.

  28. Congrats Jay Follow the docs orders infection after nasal surgery is a REAL BAD THING. Work up some new plans, Ideas, Videos for the Future. We will all be checking in as usual. Get well soon.

  29. Very enjoyable even if at your expense. Good to hear how much better you feel now. I’d like to join the crowd with wanting some sketchup for beginners lessons

  30. Really appreciate the play-by-play analysis. My doc has been twisting my arm to have the same surgery done but I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Not real enamored with the thought of what one has to go through but I can certainly tell that it was worth while for you. Keep up the good work in your shop.

  31. Congrats! You seriously made me laugh listening to your story. Some I definitely can relate to. So happy for you that this has been such a great experience for you and you can now breath and have fun doing it. :)

  32. Hey Jay, I smiled all the way through your video. I went to the ENT specialist many years ago but only a couple years ago decided to go ahead with the septoplasty and turbinate reduction. It’s so true that if anyone is on the fence, they should go for it. The surgery may seem “elective” but it makes such a big difference, and it is difficult to explain to people how much better life is having had the surgery. Going from being congested all the time to breathing like a jet engine is amazing. Congratulations on your new free-breathing life, and I look forward to more videos when you have the green light. And it was pretty entertaining watching this video and reliving things like having giant plastic boogers pulled out of your nose. It’s amazing how the ENTs put stuff up your nose so far you expect to hear it hit the back of your skull.

  33. Hi Jay, glad to hear your op went well :) One things for sure you ain’t lost your sense of humour,
    describing the hospital bed as a Cart!! Priceless! Best wishes take it easy!

  34. Glad you’re doing well Jay. Get well and can’t wait till your up and running new projects. More popscicles will help….at least you have excuse to have more.lol. Take care

  35. Good to see you made it through with flying colors. Great story, reminds me of the (too many) times I’ve been through surgery. I had to laugh several times in your story. Do what the doc says, you’ll be glad you did. Really laughing, not kidding.

  36. Jay your not a woose(?), my brother is 6′ 185ibs and faints at the sign of a needle. So your not the only one to have aversions towards needles. I’m glad you finally had it done and are on the mend. Take care of your self, I need my weekly stuff around the web.

  37. Loved the story, had a good laugh at some points. My wife asked me what I was laughing at, so I relayed the story of the suppository, she laughed so hard she said “I think I pee’d a little”
    I’d be fine to if that’s how we fix nausea.

  38. Great storytelling, Jay. Glad to hear you had such a good result. Say – have you noticed any difference in the way things taste?

  39. That’s awesome. You’re clearly pretty happy in this video.

    I get your reaction. I remember getting glasses for the first time in grade six and being able to see leaves on trees. I couldn’t believe that this was what everyone saw.

    I got laser eye surgery almost ten years ago. I still wake up at night and get a little giddy because I can see the time on my alarm clock without picking it up and holding it inches from my face. Hopefully in a decade you’ll still feel like you have 4″ dust collectors!

  40. I’m glad your surgery went well and that you are recovering nicely! I too found your story fun to listen to. It’s the good funny memories like those that you’ll always remember! Continue to stay dust free, and look forward to more builds in the near future!!!

  41. I had the same surgery a while back. I felt like an oxygen thief! I shared that with the surgeon and he laughed.

    Well done!

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