The Woodworking Podcast #30: Air Filtration, Clogged Blast Gates, 2hp Table Saw

April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry, and myself have a weekly woodworking podcast. Conveniently titled The Woodworking Podcast. Here’s the latest episode. If you would like to download the episode just click here. For all of the show notes visit


  1. How do I unsubscribe from the podcast? I love watching all three of you, but I can’t stand to listen to a podcast. My mind wanders too much to pay attention to anything being said.

    • How are you subscribed to the podcast? If you are referring to just the email sent by me then I have two mailing options. One email for each post and one weekly update email. Change your subscription settings to go from every post to 1 weekly. At the bottom of any of my emails is a link to change the subscription.

  2. Spokeshaves are fun! Paul Sellers has a video on how to sharpen the blades. He makes a little jig to hold the blade. You should check it out.

  3. Nick, as Jay can attest to has tutorials on InDesign and almost everything software. Unfortunately you can’t buy DVD’s but need to join by the month or yearly…I think.

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