The Woodworking Podcast #33: Downsizing? What would you keep?

April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry, and myself have a weekly woodworking podcast. Conveniently titled The Woodworking Podcast. Here’s the latest episode. If you would like to download the episode just click here. For all of the show notes visit


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  1. I was forced to downsize after I retired. I sold a few of my big items. 8″ joiner, 12″ radial arm saw,(replaced with a 10″ sliding dual compound miter saw). Free standing router cabinet was disassembled, I kept all my routers though. I brought my dust collection. But removed it from its stand and mounted it to the wall. Oh yeah, got rid of the lathe too. My son took some but not all of the equipment. I had a molder-shaper from the 50’s, but I never really used it that much and the shaper cutters were expensive, so not a great loss. Just needed too much space. Nothing is attached to the walls except the dust collection. I have decided to go with rolling tool and storage cabinets. No assembly table, built a folding outfeed table for my tablesaw. I use an Incra TS fence system and have incorporated a router top table to the left-side of the saw. Kept the big drill press. It is still a work in progress, but every cabinet offers the opportunity to hold a tool. Learning to work on a 18″ wide X 50″ long bench. I could add a couple of more items, but I have come to learn that less is more and skill over power equals more satisfaction.

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