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  1. Steve

    Looking forward to the show in Oklahoma! I live in Oklahoma City and would like to host a show for you guys here (with other woodworkers) sometime at the convention center sometime. Could put together a really cool show / event.

  2. Bruce

    Man, I just moved from Oklahoma to Alaska. You seriously need to do a show in Anchorage, Bro.

  3. Brad Winsby

    I will definitely be there. I’m from Skiatook and it’s amazing that this is happening in Skiatook. Do you know the exact location this is going to be at in town? I’m assuming it’s one of the parks.

  4. Robert

    Thanks Nick and Ted for getting this event off the ground. I am going to try my best to be there. Jay no cricket sounds tonight???? Safe travels April.

  5. Gary Phelps

    A suggestion for April: Do the fixed “toe plate” you described under the stringer before the end of the concrete, then do the leveling feet Jay described where the stringer extends over the asphalt.

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