Vlog 114: Duplicating, Plywood Hole Board, & Family

Video Notes:

  • Duplicating: Always reference the same piece to reduce accumulative errors.
  • I didn’t spend much time on the top of the chisels because they will be hit with the mallet.
  • Fighting weather for the video. I wanted to turn outside.
  • Cut a bunch of circles on the perimeter of a piece of plywood for a template for the lathe. Very helpful for determining nominal diameters.
  • Update on my dog Sandi: She’s doing good. She has to take medication now to manage her situation but she has a colapsing trachea.
  • Update on my nose: I’m good. Recovery is over. I can breathe and life is good :)


  1. Hi Jay my name is Chuck, you I believe mentioned that you would eliminate your lumber cart. How is that working out? I could use the extra space.

    • My lumber rack on the wall has been relocated to above the miter saw station. The plywood cart has been gone for about a year now. I store the plywood below my assembly table. Honestly, I’d rather not keep plywood on hand. Just buy it as i need it.

  2. Hello Jay,

    I work for a manufacturer of no choke no pull dog harnesses. Sporn pet products. If you still want to be able to walk Sandy without affecting her trachea; you may want to try out the Harness. In fact, you may want to get them for your other dogs, so they do not develop these issues too. You can get them at WalMart, Petsmart, Petco to name a few retail outlets.

  3. I completely enjoy your content. Thank you
    A point of Info: I was a Tool & Die Maker and worked as a precision machinist before retirement. Now I can say for certain that no two parts are exactly alike. The tolerance I needed to hold were +/_ .0002″. Wood continously moves and will not be the same today as it was yesterday. Anything handmade will be or will have flaws and that is what makes “Handmade” so marvelous. I like the idea of CNC and Laser cutting and machining. It is very useful BUT as those methods require increased knowledge but not much skill and to produce a quality handmade piece pieces requires much skill and practice. I also know from experience, for myself I get far more satisfaction from work handmade vs. automatic work.

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