Vlog 115: Time To Get Some Hickory

Video Notes:

  • The NAS video was a fun departure for woodworking for a bit.
  • I got my nephew to turn a pen. He really enjoyed it! I might have enough footage to make a video. My mom didn’t want to be on camera and we ran out of time so she didn’t turn anything.
  • I started designing the living room tables. I’m leaning towards adding some curves into the design. It will lean towards mission style.
  • I got a slab of hickory from Shawn Stone to use for the legs.
  • The air cleaner cart is still working great!
  • Have a great day!!


  1. Jay, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your Video’s. I’m disabled and I love wood. And to see what I can make out of what would I can find. I have been into wood working most of my life. I have been a carpenter, Plumber, Propane Tech, Glass Glazier, just a jack of old trade’s. But I have always come back to wookworking. I’ve got one grandson, and I try to make him as many trucks and cars, even have tried making some crane vehicle’s. But I do enjoy watching your Video’s.

    Just a hello
    Mike Edwards

    • Mike E, keep working with your grandson – he will keep you young!
      Yesterday my youngest grandson (just turned 5) came into the shop and asked if he could help. Eventually, he marked and drilled holes for 8 screws, then drove the screws (mostly) into the wood to mount a couple of handles. He was very proud, and showed it off to his dad this morning. I kid him that his middle name should be “Can I try it?”
      Jay, I also enjoy your videos. Lighting, production, editing are all first rate.

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