Vlog #120: My Happy Place

Video Notes:

  • I relocated my end vise. Maybe you didn’t see it yet…
  • I just completed a new cantilevered shop cart for my planer so that I can move my air cleaner cart back to where it was. The cart turned out great. I’ll have plans available in both a half lap and mortise and tenon version as well as metric and imperial for each. I’d like to get the video and plans complete and published on Sunday. No promises though.
  • If you haven’t already, check out VideoWoodworkers.com


  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm and congratulate on a better layout for your shop, but this would have been a much better presentation if you had made and included a SketchUp drawing of your new layout. It’s difficult for us who have never visited your shop to visualize the changes and improvements.

  2. What type mortise and tenon machine are you using? I don’t recall your doing any comments on it previous or maybe I missed it. Is there anything on line about it?

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