Vlog 122: “It’s just an ugly box”

Video Notes:

  • THANK YOU for all of the great feedback on the instructional course.
  • Thanks as well for the feedback on the YouTube edit. I like the concept of both “entertainment” and “instruction” offered on the same project. Not sure how many of those I’ll do but I had positive feedback on both ends.
  • YES, the music I chose got old very quick. But you can’t help nodding you head to it ;)
  • I’ve got a couple shop projects I’d like to knock out this week.
  • Next week I’ll have a guest in the shop and we’ll be diving into Inlay and Veneer.
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  • Keep it real homies!


  1. I love the comments by your wife. That is my wife’s reaction with things, too! I laughed… out loud. Excellent work, man!

  2. I’m a beginning woodworker and after seeing your awesome dovetailed box I’ve decided this will be my first project. Everybody needs an “ugly box”, right? ?

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