Vlog 129: 9 things on the list..

Video Notes:

  • I’ve got back into playing pool. So much fun and it brings back a lot of great memories…maybe I should attempt a pool cue build….
  • Why not just put a tool well in the middle of the bench as part of the initial design? one side of the bench has now become inaccessible not sure this adds any benefit to the bench. How does that side become inaccessible? The tool well is 8″ wide. By your statement, wouldn’t that make anything further than 8″ from the leg vise side of the workbench not usable as well?
  • I have been a fan of the twin Jay videos like this in the past, but this is one of the videos that I really wish you went into detail on how you decided certain things. Do you plan on having a follow up video on the tool well and how it is working out?….. Everything is in the article.
  • What tool did you use to cut the joinery on the tool well? It’s in the article.
  • You’re a neat freak. You aren’t going to like how messy the tool well gets. I disagree. Just pickup as normal.
  • Check out Stadium Map Art for a hometown gift. https://stadiummapart.com/
  • Huge shout out to Luc Rochefort. He completed my 2 drawer dovetail box and provided some good feedback on
  • LED shop lights installed. They look amazing! Article and video coming soon
  • Next build is the coffee table. What style of videos would you prefer for it?


  1. Thnks for your work on various forms of communication Jay I watch them all and your enthusiasm and skills are additive. You do inspire me as well to try things I would normally not think about doing. Keep up the good work and making sawdust.

  2. They still allow smoking there? I have no idea how i ever stood being in a bar where it was allowed now that it’s been banned for a good 10+ years in New York. I will not go anywhere it is allowed any more, it’s just not worth it.

    For the coffee table video… please… TALKING video! SO much love to hear your thoughts, your process and your reasoning behind the things you do. The other videos are visually pleasing but i’m always watching thinking “wait, why is he doing that? what is that? how many cheez-its are left?”

    • I’m not sure how it works. The city has banned smoking in public locations but I think they are grandfathered in for some reason?

      Thanks for the feedback! The answer to the Cheez-its question is never good news.

  3. Hey Jay awesome update I can’t believe you got so many not liking the tool well especially about it be making one side unusable and really liked the demo lmao. Not to mention people like Paul Sellers and quite a few hand tools craftsman like this style. Looking forward to the coffee table build love the sketch up model. And I really like your longer in depth videos on builds like this. One question is it better for you and your business for us to watch and comment here or YT. just what’s better for you. Take care

  4. Thanks Jay, I like to watch the Vlogs and the project content. I agree with you about the tool well, even a T-Rex can reach over 8″. LOL

  5. Do you know what the CRI (color rendering index) of your new LEDs is vs the fluorescents you were using? That is really the deciding factor on the depth of colors rendered, both to the eye and to the camera. In film when we use fluorescents we normally use special tubes and fixtures made by kinoflo that have a CRI of 95, which is much higher than regular fluorescent bulbs. (also much higher in price, naturally)

  6. I put a 7″ wide tool well in late last year also, and really like it too, especially for the ‘short-term-storage’ it offers. Just a thought on ‘reaching’ over it, in order to make use of that side of the table. I seriously contemplated recessing it lower than the level of the table height by 1/4″ to 1/2″ and adding a (piano) hinged same-thickness wooden cover over it, in order to reduce dust/debris from falling into it as well as making that edge of the table ‘reachable’. Didn’t end up doing it, but time will tell if I might. For now, I enjoy it as is, as do you. One thing I did, though , was leave a 1/16″ open edge along the bottom. so that dust/wood chips can fall out freely on their own, but not screws or tools(hopefully). Enjoy all your videos very much. Thanks for the inspiration and effort to communicate so technically and thoroughly!

  7. Why didnt you makew the Hickory bench wider than it is, and design-in a tool-well…most traditional style workbenches do so, so when you were building it, I was surprised it was designed so narrow? Especially as it will be used for assembly work, where you often need a little more bench than is available… ;)

  8. Thanks Jay, you have been fantastic. I found out about you 3 or 4-years ago by Googling the miter saw I had purchased. This led me to your videos. I’ve followed your videos ever since and have built a bunch of your projects (miter station, router guide, modified Pualk, lumber rack…). You have introduced me to a bunch of other wood workers (April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry, Jimmy Diresta, Shawn Stone) that I might not have otherwise found. I can’t thank-you enough for all the content you put out. I think you do it in the best manner possible, making it clear and not too daunting. Thanks for helping me tackle projects I might not have considered in the past.

  9. Can you direct me to a video where you explained why you got rid of the old assembly table? Or did you just want a change?

    Thank you in advance.

  10. Would like the Coffee Table Video to be detailed as possible with talking. If I can understand the procedure step by step I would buy the plans and make one myself. Anyhow, I truly enjoy your video’s and common sense approach to the products you undertake. And, by the way, the post you provide on “Interesting things you find on the web is very enjoyable. Thanks for the information and enjoyable video’s

  11. I made the tool well today, used all wood I had laying around, has cleaned up my workbench and made my most frequently used tools quickly accessible. Thanks for a great idea

  12. Jay, I’ve recently started watching your videos. To say the least, I’m really digging your material. I rather enjoy your mentality and simplistic approach to what would seem like a tedious task. Thanks for breaking things down and talking about technique and the process. The upcoming coffee table looks very cool. I would like to see a video(s) with some detailed explanation on how you go about building it. Keep up the great work!

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