Vlog 141: Prototyping, Router Bits, Colab

Video Notes:

– Sticker swap. Send self addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 33 Mathiston, MS 39752
– Dehumidifier? AC units dehumidify
– Solar panels? Probably not :(
– Use code JAYBATES for 10% off your router bit purchase at Bits & Bits: http://bit.ly/322OOHa
– Chair prototype. I’ll have templates available soon. This will make it crazy easy to build.
– Colab with Woodbrew soon :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI2chl1G-fUEAm2qw9MfPSg
– Floor mats? No, less is more for me. I like these minimal style shoes instead. https://amzn.to/32aNsuj
– CNC cart to make life easier.


  1. I loved your Tuesday video today. There are a million comedians that are out of work and your trying to break into the business!! You are giddy about your new shop and you should be. Almost liked you died and went to heaven??!
    Your nesting chair is a great idea and I will purchase one of your first templates. Keep coming with great ideas.

  2. Always find these Tuesday videos informative and interesting! Hope they continue. Really love the new shop

  3. Jay, you are just one great guy, I love how you do and talk about things and stay happy and smiling a lot, you really show good interest in what you do.

  4. Welcome back to Tuesday presents.
    Like the nesting chair a lot, when will the template be available for purchase?
    keep up the good work.


  5. Yes those are some goofy shoes .I first noticed them when you were on the scaffold doing electrical . I guess they are why you trip around the shop, Hahahahaa . It has nothing to do with you filming while walking ;) . Is there an oil-resistant coating on the floor from the previous owner ? If so , does the floor get slippery when there is dust on it . I know you keep your shop hospital clean but there has to be occasions when there is some dust on the floor .

    • hahhaa. Don’t hate! Those shoes are great :) The previous owner stained and sealed the concrete. It’s quite smooth. Not slippery with dust though.

  6. Shop looks great luv what ya do thoroughly enjoyed the logging vid I am currently looking at the axiom AR8 $12000 cheers

  7. Jay – love your videos, especially “interesting stuff from around the web.” Nice piece here too. Thanks for comments about shoes. I’ve suffered for years when standing a long time. Several years ago, I switched to Merrell clogs when in my shop (bare concrete garage floors). They provide plenty of support and, as slip-ons, have the added benefit of easy one and easy off when traipsing into the house. No more wife ire.

  8. Jay,

    I am in Long Beach, CA. I just finished making a charcuterie board out of mahogany that I want to mail to South Carolina. My friend, Nancy, says it has been 100% humidity there recently. I fear my board will twist in the mail. I have purchased silicone bags to pack with the board. Any other ideas for shipping. We have also agreed to wait a few weeks.

  9. In regards to the solar panel issue,,solar panels do not have to be mounted on a roof. Maybe you could set some up on the south side of the tree line?

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