Vlog 142: A GREAT weekend..

Video Notes:
– Thanks for watching on my website. It helps me a lot more than watching on YouTube.
– Tore out a deck on labor day. I’m sore. 2260 pounds to the landfill.
– Sound of rain with spray foam? Make it quieter? No.
– Will a CNC cut ceramic tile? Share your experience.
– Colab with Woodbrew was so much fun. A crazy amount of laughter and two completed projects in one day.
– Templates for nesting chair will be available when the video launches. Hopefully this weekend.
– Meetup over the weekend. Such a great weekend with like minded friends.
– Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime Video is a great series.

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Jason Bent – https://www.instagram.com/bentswoodworking/
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      • I don’t know how much time you might spend outdoors with the heat and humidity… But I would think about an outdoor BBQ/kitchen with lots of sun shades and seating.

  1. Smiling Jay! LOVE it!!

    BTW, I originally started watching via YouTube, but immediately slammed on the brakes and came back here to your web page and watched it here, hoping that you could hear the sounds of the cash register going off!

    Sounds like a delightful weekend, for the most part. And, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” :-)

    –Larry Anderson @Tupelo

  2. How about a classic outdoor kitchen with a nice fire pit. Great for here in the Northwest. Very little bugs with nice cool evenings. Don’t tell anyone the NW is getting too crowded!!!

  3. First, Hot tub. I have seen a lot of folks install a hot tub and use it a lot at the beginning but after the new wears off it just sit there. YMMV

    Second, ideas for entertainment area.
    I like to see a mix of stone, wood and lots of plants, a fire pit or grilling station and a water feature, maybe a Koi pond. I believe it should be attractive and inviting and have some shade with plenty of space for relaxing.
    Don’t have any specific ideas though.

  4. Hey Jay:
    Really need a better way to control the dust from the compound mitre.
    Where are the plans for your solution? Have tried others and have a vacuum installed in current box around the saw but still spews sawdust …I hate sawdust!!!! Love wood just tired of the mess. Want a 20 ft vac hood above my work area. 8000 cubic feet per second of suction….never any sawdust bit might suck up skinny women or pets….

    • I visited the local Re-Use it center and bought a $5 Table saw dust collector attachment. Then connected my miter saw via a rubber tube and a PVC elbow to send it directly. Still, get some dust, but with a 4-inch hose inlet, shooting from a 1.5″ fitting outlet it is minimal at best.

  5. That was a very fun and entertaining video Jay…….you might want to make a WEIRD video every so often……i couldn’t stop laughing everytime you stopped and lost your place……Always enjoy your videos……….thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Jay, love the vlogs and all the project videos. I know you said your not too interested in making more shop projects and would rather spend your time making projects. I totally agree, but for us new to the hobby, like me, I really enjoy watching shop project videos cause it gives me ideas on what might make my shop better or more efficient. Just started woodworking about a year ago and love the little amount of time I get to spend in the shop. Although I don’t really have a lot of projects under my belt, shop improvement projects is pretty satisfying. Still a long way to go. By the way, love the nesting chairs and can’t wait for the video and templates. Was wondering if you don’t mind me making these to sell. By the way, hope you figure out what you want to do for the backyard. I’m in the same boat and just finally figured out what to do with my backyard. My suggestion would be to do just a paver patio and a patio cover. I plan on using Toja grid for my pergola, I can probably knock it out in a day. All the best and hope you figure out what’s best for your backyard. Thanks for the great content on not your YouTube channels.

  7. Jay, Won’t be long before you need a backyard swing set and slide for the youngen. Just saying….

    One thing I’m curious about is the compound miter saw and your attempt at dust collection. I built my station basically on your design and build a box to contain the saw dust adding a curtain like those used in warehouses to keep the cool/heat in but haven’t run the duct to it yet as I haven’t figured the best way to do that. I do have a 6″ drop from the CV1800 above the saw and a CV 6″ to 2- 4″ blast gate thinking two 4″ ports may be better than one 6″. Can you shed some light on your DC on the miter saw please?

  8. Watched here and on YT!

    Hot Tub – My parents had one and after the novelty wore off (two years) they hardly ever used it. I bought a house with a pool, after two years my girls hardly were in it.

    Compromise and get a high quality inflatable hot tub. Much cheaper than a hot tub and when you are done, pack it up and store it.

  9. Jay, Cutting ceramic tile with the CNC should be possible. Dental Laboratories use a milling machine to cut porcelain blocks to make an inlay for a tooth from a 3D scanned image. You are only talking about a 2D cut so it should be possible. The problem that you will run up against is that the diamond cutting burs might require water cooling!.

  10. Love it when you are tired buddy, it makes for something I would look like every time I would post a video.
    Put me on the list for joining you for your meet up, but give me a few days warning because I’m driving from Nebraska.
    A buddy of mine took an old parachute and draped it from his ceiling in his shop and it helped with the echo a lot.

  11. CNC ceramic tile cutting… Outfits that cut and install granite or marble might be a place to look. Some glass production shops [Jan Mitchell Studios, St Croix, USVI] use a water/abrasive jet to cut shapes and the machine is basically CNC.
    Love your vlog. Thanks for sharing.

  12. A hot tub in Mississippi?? I think you all would enjoy a pool much more. I have had both (Kansas) and enjoy the pool much more. Also consider a pergola for the shade! Good luck.

  13. First, the hot tub (promised, so get with the program and fall in love with hot tubs); make the tub with cypress.
    Next (can’t believe how big Tyler is (was she born in Texas?), that swing set with all the options.
    Then some Adirondack chairs with drink holders appropriate for either your preferred cold beverages or hot ones. Tables for each and maybe a bigger one like a coffee table.
    Should get some trees planted real soon now.

  14. For noise cancelation consider “acoustic foam panels” (can find online and amazon etc), especially on around the dust collector and on the celling. Ones with texture like ridges or egg crate shape will be more effective than flat foam panels. They absorbs the sound waves preventing them from bouncing off of hard surfaces and reverberating in the shop. I hope this helps!

  15. My thought for your backyard build..
    Pergola with a barbecue /grill station…
    Pavers instead of a slab??
    Pools and hot tubs are a ton of maintenance!!

  16. Robotics Beta
    Are consumer grade CNC machines capable of cutting tile?
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    I’d like to slice and dice floor tile into pieces so I can arrange it in geometric patterns. I have CAD designs for the parts. Would any consumer grade CNC machine be capable of doing the job?

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    asked Sep 17 ’14 at 1:57

    If you mean one of those lightweight wood router machines my guess is no. Stone is usually cut wet either with oil or water. It is hard and brittle so cuts that e.g. wood would “forgive” can shatter a tile. It may depend on the specific materials and you may get better results by using a specialized tool as your cutter. A water jet cutter would be good for this… – Guy Sirton Sep 17 ’14 at 2:06
    This is a borderline shopping question, but I think it would be better rewritten as “What CNC machining technologies are capable of cutting arbitrary shapes in tile?” – Ian Sep 17 ’14 at 17:44
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    The answer is no!

    Even if you ask: Is any professional CNC machine, build for metal/plastics/wood cutting, capable of cutting tile? The answer is still no! You can try it. It will work in the beginning but the machine will be destroyed soon.


    Stone cannot be cut, except soapstone. Stone machining consist of crushing/cracking/grinding, cutting is impossible. Most common milling machines are build for cutting.

    During the stone milling process there won’t be any chips only “stone dust” There are parts of your machine which are able to protect all the moving parts of your machine from cutting chips. These parts have to be designed to provide protection against very small particles like dust. Usually they aren’t, so the dust will come into your spindles, guides and gears and in the end it will damage them.

    If you want to work with your milling machine for a long time then I would rather not recommend it.

    You can do it. Then you definitely need water for the “cutting” process ( this will decrease the amount of dust) and very hard tools (diamond tools are recommended).

  17. Watched on YouTube first, thanks for the info about watching on your website being more beneficial.
    I will come here to see your content from now on.
    Your little girl is growing like a weed, it’s always a treat when she shows up in the shop.
    You are great and you have a beautiful family.

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