Vlog 151: The world is weird right now

The world is weird right now. Do what you can to prevent the spread of this virus and the accompanying panic. Stay safe and woodwork! Time to start project #3..

Have a great day!


  1. You need to teach that newbie how to use the proper safety equipment before he loses a finger or two! He was way to close to the blades on that jointer! Wow!

    • Please know what you are talking about before making sensational comment. Your comment makes you sound like a newbie. This is a European jointer with a European style blade guard. The blade is covered and his hands are a safe distance away. Have a great day.

        • How is my reply harsh? Read both comments with no emotion and only implied emotion with punctuation. The original comment labeled the individual a newbie and sensationalized how the machine as being used. If he is allowed to incorrectly label the individual then I can follow suit and correctly label someone who does not know what they are talking about. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. Glad to see you back Jay. While not a CNC’er myself it’s your channel, your content.

    That is one serious jointer you have there son!

    Started work on several of your chairs. Actually getting to items I wanted to do as opposed to “must do’s”.

    Give your girls a hug. Life is good even in the midst of endless fear driven drivel.

  3. Jay thanks for the video. Appreciate your contribution to the woodworking community. Glad you and the family are safe.
    I used three Rockler’s Lid-Stay Torsion hinges (15 inch-pound) on my Jewelry Storage Mirror and they works great. Once the 1/8″ thick mirror was in placed the door becomes quite heavy and I wanted to protect my wife from pinching her fingers. You can see pictures here https://www.lumberjocks.com/projects/210026 .

  4. While watching this video I noticed that you are minus something. Staircase, which you had to go upstairs. What are you going to do, put a disappearing staircase? Wonderful video, good conversation about the screws on the Jewelry case. It shows others that they are not the only ones that have problems like that. Good work!

  5. Jay, as for hardware I would check Horton Brasses, Inc. They cost more but are so worth it. They make very good stuff.


  6. G’day Jay,

    We have the shit ticket in stock at my local store. I live in a small town of 500 people about 2 hours west from Sydney in the Blue Mountains.
    Love the shop mate.

    All the best

    Andy Abraham

  7. Jay, been having Vlog withdraws so nice to see what’s up in the shop. Lessons learned you will think harder on going there in the future, right. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jay,
    I have No room or desire to have a CNC machine but I am really interested in them and what they can do. I love your videos and the way you present them. Thanks for all the videos.

  9. I think the CNC series will be more popular than you expect. Especially if it helps people like me understand the impact of the CNC. Help me understand I’m trading money and what (design time, maintenance money/time, flexibility of design, ??) for less setup time, repeatability, and possibly higher quality.

    Actually the pantarouter falls into the same category. I’ve followed Matthias for a long time but I still don’t understand the impact of the pantarouter. What am I trading? I watched a video of a gentleman who was very good at dovetails. He created his dovetails with a marking guage, a pencil, 2 saws and a couple chisels (no jigs whatsoever). The tails were asymmetrical (both spacing and angle) because they were lined up by eye and done freehand. It took him about 2 min to make a 3 tail dovetail. The quality was so-so with a very small gap here and there. He then did a version (same technique and tools) where the time was unknown (edited) but the fit and finish was perfect – absolutly flawless He directly traded 1:1, time for quality. A pantarouter series from a 3rd party that clarifies setup, dial-in, test, production and redo the operation after an intervening setup. Again, what am I trading? A one-time dial-in that can be repeatably easily setup for good/great quality?

  10. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe and doing well. I have the same problem with staying focused on one project until it’s completed. I do mostly wood turning and last time I counted I had like 7-8 bowls that I got started on but still needing to be finished, some of which have been sitting around for a year plus now. I also have a wall mounted peg clothes/towel hook thing, whatever the proper name is for them I am completely clueless on at the moment lol, that I started on back in early summer that is for my daughters bedroom that still isn’t completed lol. It is great seeing new content from you even if it’s just talking about what you have been up to and a working on.

  11. CNC very interesting to me. I’m having issues with the Axiom type of discount boot that i made for my machine. One big issue is that the brushes that i used are just too limber. They get sucked into the single 4″ house that i have on mine. With 2, 4″ houses on your machine i can see real issues. What have you got in mind to keep that from happening? Anxious to hear, I really need a better solution than what i currently have.

  12. Looking forward to to see your series on your new CNC, Since I saw one of your previous video about a clean shop and seen what brand of machine you have I have been doing some research for a future purchase

  13. Hello Jay,
    Always good to see an update. And to unfortunately see you had trouble with poor quality screws as well… Ugh… Had the same problem, in same hole, twice – in a jewelry box. Anyway, Very weird times these days. I’m in Huntington Beach, CA. and grocery shelves are pretty bare. We have food, but TP is getting pretty thin. Regarding CNC info – I don’t have one, but have some interest. I will be building a small free standing shop (~13′-6″ x 24′-0″) in my backyard. It’s as big as zoning code will allow in my track house lot. Perhaps you can do additional SketchUp videos of some of your shop builds for storage, benches, chop saw, etc. ? I need to cram as much shop in the small footprint as possible. THANKS for the channel/posting cool stuff!

  14. Hi Jay – Regarding the 2 broken screws in the bottom hinge of the cabinet you’re building, I just watched Phil Lowe’s bench building videos on FWW web site, link below. In the last episode, Phil mentioned this issue and said that he drills a “shank hole”, basically enlarging the screw hole just enough to accommodate the screw shank to prevent breaking the screw. I thought I’d pass this along – have a look.



  15. Jay, I agree with you. The world is really weird right now. To help us through these times, in the evening, we’ve been watching some old movies with hilarious comedy. We have found ourselves laughing uncontrollably with movies like The Beverly Hills Cop. As a tribute, we watched the Gambler last night.

    Stay safe my friend!

  16. Kent cnc or Kent boots or Kent something like that:) makes a pretty nice dust shoe. Sounds about like what you described from axiom.
    Good luck.

    A vertical cnc would save a ton of floor space in a shop. The whole machine wall mounted or something. Kind of like a panlesaw. Maybe it would take too large a vacuum pump for the type of users like me who are worried about floor space.

  17. Great to see new vlog! Hope you and family stay safe in this weird time. Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi, Jay – when you are going to put soft screws (brass or similar), use a good steel screw and run it into the hole to thread it before you put the softer screws in place. It could also be that the hole you drilled isn’t as deep as you think it is. If the screw bottoms out, the torque required to drive it goes way up and off comes the head.

  19. Hello Jay, thanks for your videos, I really enjoy them and your content. I am also a CNC owner, CAMaster Stinger I w/rotary axis, so I look forward to your CNC videos. Stay safe and keep the family safe in this period of time. Hopefully it will get better soon.

    Bobby McCarley

  20. Thanks Jay, really appreciated this video and your honesty as always – your content is really excellent. We also in lockdown in South Africa and with all of us being at home all day I really value having the workshop space to use and I’ve learnt a lot from you about setting it up well – one day I will make the mitre saw station!!! best regards, Peter

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