Vlog #152: A little of this and that


  1. Jay you could cut a thick veneer and put that on the back of the mirror. Maybe 1/8th or 3/16’s. Would keep anything from scratching the back. Plus it would look great..

  2. @9:39 “later today, tomorrow or the next day” That pretty much sums up my general philosophy of life. :-) Being just a hobbyist and with no deadline, that works for me.

  3. Back of mirror. I built one jewelry cabinet similar to yours- for between studs in bathroom.

    I used the woodcraft flocking kit, and flocked the back of the mirror and the back of the cabinet. It held up great.

    Just a thought

  4. Jay, on the whiteboard project the first thing I thought of upon seeing it was, what a wonderful place to use a beading profile around the outer edge of the frame, I think it would add a nice touch.
    Just a thought.
    stay safe and thanks for the nice posts


  5. You could use thin foam sheets. The foam sheets I use can be purchased at local hobby store. I use them to line small to medium boxes. The foam is in sheets 12″ D 1 4″ and less than 1 /8″ thick. All colors to choose from

  6. Perhaps a lift to get upstairs, a remote control lift dropping from the ceiling would be perfect.

  7. Back of mirror, sandblast rubber. A sign shop would probably have a scrap to give you or sell you a piece. It will protect the mirror and it would be removable, but don’t use the high tac.

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