1. Gotta go with the flow too, I do prefer the slimmer, less « chubby » legs so I vote for the straight tapered legs.
    Have (another) great day !

  2. My thots on the tappered legs: I like the straight taper – but ur personal choice making the project ur’s for ur Dad it makes a difference. I think u shud make the taper to ur choice as it’s for ur Dad and his recollection as to it’s origin will be why and where it came from….somewhat convoluted explanation but I hope I haven’t confused what exactly what I was trying to say.

  3. As you were speaking, I saw the table with curved legs and thought something is off, not quite right. Then all of a sudden it changed to straight legs and yep…I like the straight legs

  4. Do a google search on greene and greene table legs. Most are straight.
    Consider some type of brace members to stiffen legs.
    In the end, do what you feel looks good.

  5. I agree with you Jay about the curved taper on the legs, I feel it brings the piece together better and the straight taper.

  6. I guess I’m in the straight camp… but maybe a different curve than the one shown? Jon Peters is currently building a table with some MASSIVE curved legs and I’m watching with interest. Still don’t think it is my preference, but love to see the end result.

    Maybe in this instance a scale model? Or mock out two full size legs (one each style) out of 2×4 stock to let you see it in person?

  7. I would be interested in the process of the curved taper leg. It seems the straight taper is used more often, perhaps something different or special would just the thing

  8. Sorry, but straight taper is best as it is more pleasing to the eye. Curved taper draws the eye away from the table and toward the floor.

  9. Yo ask me today about the tapered legs.
    So I have to vote for the straight taper. But that is mainly because I have seen so many furniture with curved tapered legs the last months, that I’m bored by them.

    Best wishes from Germany

  10. 1) Ask your dad. 2) The curved will make for better video content. 3) Thank you Bonzek for the support of G&G influence. After a quick google search of G&G images my thought is keeping the leg wide until the last 10th or so would be more in keeping with the style of top and skirt, but result in a heavier looking piece. The straight taper legs definitely would clash with the top and skirt notches and would require removing the notches on the top to balance the piece.

    If you want to use the long curve on the legs, try a sketch with a similar curve on the top ends, leaving the skirt as is.

  11. My first reaction was the straight taper but the more I look at them I like the curved taper. You can’t really go wrong with either IMO.

  12. love the amount of happiness and positivity coming from you, it’s a real breath of fresh air. I preferred the curved leg before you said it was your choice as well. Either look good though.

  13. Jay, straight taper.
    That update on your daughter reminded me of when my kids “made the turn” and became a personality instead of a baby/toddler. It only gets more awesome from there. :)

  14. bit unsure… like both but leaning towards the curved as done a few tapered but no curved in short memory. try seven little wonders all together in one house… “great fun”

  15. Straigth tappered as well for me!

    Being a father is awesome, wife is due for the third kid pretty soon and I still can’t believe how much my kids have given me over the last 7 years!

  16. Hi Jay, I prefer the straight taper on the table.
    Watching my kid grow and learn is amazing. It is so great to see them get it–I love that lightbulb moment!

  17. Jay, I prefer the straight taper legs. I think they’re a much cleaner look with the rest of the table design. Enjoy that little one while you can. They grow up way too fast. Even my grandchildren are growing too fast. Stay safe. Bill


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