Vlog 159: The next 3 videos

Video Notes:
– Last week was crazy. 3 videos ahead currently.
– Workbench video. Shelf width.
– Giveaway for the workbench will be in December.
– Leather by dragonfly giveaways upcoming. Still working out specifics.
– The next two video builds do not use the CNC and are 1 day builds.
– Down 30 pounds. Intermittent fasting most days, no drinking calories, no processed food. That’s the game plan anyway. Some days are not so perfect ;)

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      • Congrats Jay! You may want to try cottage cheese before bed (if you like cottage cheese). Slow release protein keeps you burning calories in your sleep and satisfies that hunger itch. Cheers!

  1. Great job on the weight loss. I yo-yo’d for years and finally received a Gastric Y-Roen procedure which was the greatest thing I ever did. After weight loss I have felt great and applaud your efforts.

    Best wishes and prayers for you to achieve your weight loss goals….

  2. Hey Jay, You are looking great! keep at it, it becomes easier as you go. I quit drinking soda 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. Loving your vlog! and also very much appreciating you sharing some of your personal life. I am from a mixed race family and I am delighted to see what a wonderful job you and your wife are doing with your daughter. Not always the easiest thing to do around shallow minded individuals but so worth it!. I am also from Michigan living in a different state and will always support the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings oh my! Keep up the good work, I will be watching.

  3. my hats off to you for dropping the weight…that’s not an easy thing to do at all …trust me i know

  4. Excellent work on the lifestyle change and the weight loss. That can be hard, very hard, and that is why it’s such an accomplishment. Perhaps the only downside was when you were using your weight to flip your workbench upright in your video and you really had to tug at it. But for the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 45 seconds your body thanked you and so will your family!

  5. Love your videos, Jay. If I don’t have lists I forget everything I was going to do and as for your rambling, you could be my son! LOL. My wife is constantly telling me to get to the point half way through my story. Kudos to you on the weight loss, I wish I could do half as well as you have.

  6. Sugar is definitely a very addictive substance. I was terribly addicted sweetened to ice tea as well as many other sugary stuff. I started doing keto at the begging of March this year. My wife had been following along with it for a few months before I started. I was seeing how she had been loosing weight pretty steadily so that was encouragement enough for me to try even though I thought I would have a very hard time with it and would likely quit. The first few days were the hardest but after that I didn’t really have the cravings for the junk that I did before. Anyway i have lost 40-45 pounds since starting and I haven’t done anything special for exercise, I am very low energy so naturally low activity. I had tried various other diets and exercise without anything of an affect on my weight. Congrats on the weight loss, it can be very difficult and rather discouraging at times.

  7. Fabulous effort on the weight loss Jay. Your commitment to the cause definitely seems to have translated into a happier version of yourself. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Keep up the good work and thank you for the great content.

  8. Fantastic on the weight loss! I gave up soda several years ago, cold turkey and lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

  9. Jay looking GOOD I didn’t know you were selling your workbench?
    I’ll give you a Thousand dollars for it

  10. Regarding those who did not approve of the shelf boards, you should exclude them from the drawing.
    Congrats on your weight loss. Looking forward to the new videos.

  11. Way to go on your weight loss, sugar and pop are a killer for me. Thanks for the cloning answer, thought it was cool the way you could work and narrate at the same time.

  12. Great job on the weight loss. I also understand on the soda issue, I use to drink multiple mt dew each day. Then was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and dropped the soda habit, which was difficult. I think I dropped 30 pounds just with that. This summer I have been working outside in our yard and walking with the wife, which has helped me again to lose some weight. Keep up the work, slow and steady is what I understand the best way to go.

  13. Morning Jay,

    Good updates! And yes, honey-dos getting done are really the top tier of productivity in marriage. LOL

    What info sources are you using for IF?
    I’ve been doing it for 12 years, but my fasting works out to a very flexible balance or either 24hr twice a week, or 16/8 or 18/6; just depends on circumstances. Brad Pilon and Martin Berkhan were my primary influences for IF research and info back in ’08, and it seems they are still the most abundant sources of lots and lots of good info.

  14. Hi there Jay , when i saw those cheek bones , i said to my self .. man did he loose some wait or what !?! Then i saw the congrats AHHHA 😂👍🏼 Congrats Jay !!
    Now on an other note , i would like to know if your workbench is also for me living in 🇨🇦?
    Thx for answering .

  15. It is great that you are tackling the weight loss now … don’t do what I did and wait for a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery! I lost 55 pounds, go to the gym three days a week, and haven’t felt better in many years.

  16. An old way of losing weight, often prescribed by doctors, was speed. Loss of appetite coupled with increased activity = skinny-minny. Not saying you’re on speed Jay, but you’re sure happy and talking a mile a minute. I agree about processed foods – keep them to a minimum and your body will thank you for it. And sugary drinks. You are looking good man.

  17. Congratulations on kicking the sugar addiction!!!! sugary drinks are terrible for you. You look good, and I’d bet you have lots of energy from eating whole foods. Good for you! Can’t wait to see the projects, glad you are doing projects that don’ t require CNC. (I am not against CNC projects – I just don’t have one) I am definitely signing up for the giveaways!!!!! your workbench and/or the apron would be so AWESOME!!!!

  18. Hey Jay, I know you’re probably too young to remember but the king of liking the same clothes was Ralph Nader (author of ‘Unsafe at any Speed’, a book which helped kill the Chevrolet Corvair). If I remember correctly, when he got out of college he bought 25-30 pair of the same shoe and the same number of suits. He was still wearing them when he was in his 40’s. I too have lost weight over the past 3 years, lots of chicken salads (one item ingredients) and once the Covid hit, I quit eating out for lunch. I’ve lost around 70 pounds, I’m 67 and feel better than I felt in my late 40’s.

  19. Good for you on the weight loss. I was in the same place as you 15 years ago–job change, getting older, etc and found myself 75 lbs heavier. Tried everything and nothing seemed to work, until I gave up sugar (I was a 3-5 Cokes per day guy) and started shopping the perimeter of the supermarket.

    Eat nothing from a box or bag that has more than 3 ingredients.

  20. Jay, I have been following you for the last 9 months or so. I REALLY like the posts and videos that you do concerning the CNC. I hope that you don’t totally abandon that subject. I know it is hard to find a balance but you have my 2 cents now. :)

    I think that the series you did with the spoil board and Vetric templates was great. I learned much from the series. Even though only have a small homebuilt Gatton Plywood CNC, I hope to implement something like you demonstrated it. I want to – somehow – put a vertical table on my CNC and start doing some box joints.

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