Home Gym Part 1: the BASICS

In my home gym so far:
– Gymnast rings https://amzn.to/2QIADr0
– Scaffold https://amzn.to/3u3j0Qc
– Sand bags (large and small) https://ironmind.com/product-info/sandbags-gym-bags-/tough-as-nails-sandbags/
– Sand for weight https://www.lowes.com/pd/American-Countryside-Countryside-50-lb-All-Purpose-Sand/3006148
– Garden wheelbarrow
– Lots of sweat


  1. Love what you’re doing here, and it looks good on ya! COVID inspired me to get back in shape, so I’ve been hitting the gym 3-4 days a week for a few months. Have dropped some pounds and love the way it makes me feel. I’d like to encourage everyone tuning in to start now, because the longer you wait the harder it gets. Hang onto your youth and health for as long as possible… Blessings to all!

  2. I built a home gym in my spare room. Gym rings, pull up bar, 90lb stack of Powerblock dumbbells (took a while to get those they’re expensive but you can buy them in stages), jump rope, Bodylastics brand bands, bench, and the Athalean X YouTube channel. Sounds like a lot but it’s not. I can literally do anything and work anybody part.

  3. Hey Jay can you put the link to the document or page again about the live-wise youre following. Thanks good to See youre progress I’m still waiting for permission to buil my shed. Also with a room to exersice!

  4. Have the home gym, just got groceries to change over to Carnivore, Great to see your success, the cooking ideas and now workout info.

  5. Jay, I subscribed to your newsletter and your YouTube channel to see shop and woodworking videos, I have no interest in your home gym.

    If I want home gym videos, I will find a home gym channel. This is not for me.

    • And the worst part is how Jay keeps showing up at my house in person to make me watch all of his videos all the way through, no matter what the content. Back before he did that I could watch only the videos and read the articles I found the most interesting, and just skip over the other ones.

      Karl, is Jay showing up in person at your house, too? Man, he has a lot of energy.

      P.S. to Jay. I’ve always assumed that “Interesting stuff from around the web” is stuff that you find interesting, not a guarantee that I will find it interesting. Please keep doing what you do; sometimes the unexpected topics pull me out of my narrow silo of interests and help me see a valuable new connection.

    • I am curious , by Subscribing do Jay’s Videos just play on their own ? And how do you get them to stop playing ? Also it must have made you quite upset that you took the time to write this comment. Or are you OFFENDED by someone getting into shape and sharing that Experience with their Subscribers ? Oh I forgot , it’s 2021 and when people get OFFENDED people MUST change to NOT OFFEND people. Sorry Jay , YOU MUST put this on a Health and Fitness Site so you don’t OFFEND people with this type of Content 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂. Nevermind that this was done in YOUR Shop and the reason you rearranged your shop. And it already answered questions of ” What’s all that stuff in your Shop ” in future Videos.

      • I thought this was a woodworking video because he used a 2×12 and 2x4s to build a sandbag support. Yup, that’s good enough for me!

  6. You want an estimate of that fireman carry put a scale in between the wheel barrel handles (on the floor of course) get your weight, then lift the wheel barrel (probably will need your wife to look at the new weight) Do the math and now you have an idea of the weight your lifting.

  7. Jay, I want to thank you for sharing these fitness videos. When you released your carnivore video at the beginning of the year it really motivated me and four months later I have lost 40 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since college decades ago and my overall mood and energy level is at an all time high; even my doctor was overjoyed during my annual physical last month. This new gym video has also come at the right time as I’m transitioning from a strict carnivore diet to a more modified (but still healthy) diet while adding exercise back into my weekly routine. Thank you!

  8. Jay, as always, thanks for the great ideas! When Covid hit, I knew that I would not be going to the gym anymore. Found some garage gym ideas on U-Tube which serve quite well. They mainly involve a few pulleys and vinyl coated steel wire rope. I use them mainly for tri-cep pulldowns and a few other exercises. I appreciate what you are showing and admire your example of taking responsibility for your health.

  9. This is awesome Jay. If you want another idea for something cheap but challenging. Get about a 6′ PVC pipe (5 or 6″, schedule 40 so it’s thick walled) and two caps for it. Glue one cap on, fill the tube with water to about 15-20% full (trust me, don’t over do it). Put on the other cap. Now, lift it and hold. As the water sloshes from one side to the other, your core is forced to work and hold it level. It’s unreal how much effort it ends up taking and pretty simple/cheap to build. I saw this on t-nation.com several years ago.

  10. Best thing for losing weight – I went through last year – is to hang up the candy dish, hang up the butter dish, no eating pastas or breads of any type, and then putting at least ONE MILE of walking in every week day and Saturdays.

    May not give you a six pack of muscle, but it drops the weight like crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Awesome Jay, keep at it! I’ve been doing body weight stuff for a year until this past January when I got a bench and bar, finally seeing some solid muscle growth. I’ve gone from 370 to 228 in the past year and a half just hitting the weights and diet.

  12. Put a bathroom scale under your feet when you lift. You willsee what your weight is and you can tell what you are lifting.

  13. Great to hear the just use whatever you have and move something heavy philosophy from you. It is great advice in a world that says you can’t do anything without spending a lot of money. Our culture and marketers have us convinced health and fitness is super complex: you and your community are inspiring many to discover just how simple and rewarding it really is. Thanks Jay!

  14. For many years I have used the Free-Spotter system by Shermworks. http://shermworks.com/
    It is a rope and cam system that replaces Smith machines and rack systems. Takes up very little space and leaves the floor clear of obstacles.

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