Home Gym SCORE, StrongLifts 5s5 RESULTS, and current program

I know the exercise/health stuff isn’t for everyone but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people have shown interest in this stuff. Part 3 of my home gym. I scored on a local Facebook Marketplace purchase and flipped half of it to profit on the entire deal. Also, I completed the 12-week StrongLifts program. And a new program that I’ve started.


  1. Nice home gym you’ve built! I’ve been a big long distance runner for the past decade but previously was way more into weight lifting. Thanks for the inspiration to get back at it.

  2. Once again, Jay, I picked up a bit of useful information from you. I’ll be adding in sandbag carry for core work. Curious, about how much time your giant set program takes you each day? And is Wednesday a rest day? I should watch Brian Alsruhe’s video. He is a fountain of knowledge and super positive. Thanks Jay, keep these coming.

  3. SCORE! I love posts like these! My garage gym was all used stuff, too. I got into great shape with it, then got a membership at a local gym because I wanted to convert the garage gym space into a woodworking space.

    I sold all the gym equipment and made money on the deals I made, then got 95% of my woodworking equipment used and set up a really nice workshop.

    Unfortunately that was just in time for COVID to show up and close down my gym. Lesson Learned: don’t ever get rid of your gym! (Or workshop, if you can have both.)

    Mike Robertson’s Bulletproof Athlete is a great functional fitness-type of program. Also look into Eric Cressey (programs like Show and Go and Access and Correct, which my hubby started this when he was having muscle imbalance issues). Those programs are a little older; those guys do mosty coach-training stuff now. I also like Bret Contreras for glute/posterior chain training.

  4. Great job Man. If you are looking for more space; I would recommend the Bowflex Selecttech 552 Style Dumbells. They fit right under my bench and easily change weights from 5#-55#. Love them. I LOVE the way a rack of dumbells looks in the gym, but they take up way too much space of my home gym. You can probably find them cheap and then make some money selling the rack and dumbells. Check them out. Someone is ALWAYS giving away FREE WOOD. Try chopping the wood into firewood and then sell it. It is one of the best workouts. Thanks for sharing.

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