Shop Day: Wide Walnut, Sign, Pecan Crotch

A random day in the shop. Bouncing between projects like a lost squirrel.


  1. I don’t think you’ve had content I haven’t enjoyed. Which is likely the reason my shop has always resembled yours so much πŸ˜…
    Currently: Miter station, CNC, Vac cart, Dust cart
    Previously: RP assembly table, Pine work bench

  2. I enjoyed the content of this one. Each time you show the dust removal cart I say that I’m going to do that, still have not made the effort.

  3. enjoyed the voyage, good to see the “normal” part of life displayed. I have a big heap of filters ready, but yet to find a suitable drum fan…. “not looking real hard i must admit”

  4. As always great content and I learned something about how to test for proper amperage on a motor. Looks like I need to watch your air filter video and build one for my shop. Watching your videos is so dangerous because they always make me want to run out and buy a CNC machine, for which my lovely bride would dope slap me. Thanks Jay.

  5. Jay you could put bow ties into that hole in the pecan would look great. Then no problem of it cracking latter. Just an idea. Would look great too.

  6. Felt like I was just hanging out with you in the shop. Good times.
    Still looking for a furnace blower motor….

  7. I like this style. Good to know I’m not the only one that bounces between projects, especially when hitting multiple dead-ends like computer & website crashes.

    I built an air cleaner cart almost exactly like yours, but instead with a floor blower/carpet dryer fan tilted back inside the box. Best single evening project I’ve ever built! The filters have to be vacuumed or replaced in a month or less and it serves as a perfect cart to wheel my tools around from their homes, to the appropriate project bench and back again. It helps keep tools off the workbench and most of the dust out of my respirator mask!

  8. Vlog stuff is always cool. It shows the side of the shop you don’t see in the “perfect” finished videos. Everyone has been in the spot where you have to move something three times to do other things.

    I think with the big epoxy river tables, there might not be much wood expansion and contraction because you have locked the wood in epoxy. Moisture cannot work out or into the wood because the epoxy polymerizes. Or at least that’s the way I’m thinking of it. Similar to the way that walnut you had some time back case hardened. It prevents the moisture from moving.

  9. I enjoyed this video – please continue to make the “A Day With Jay” videos. I do remember the “apartment” videos. That was a long time ago – what year(s)?

    For what it’s worth, I enjoy almost all of your videos except for the weight/exercise videos. Let’s agree to disagree on that topic. To my thinking, it simply doesn’t fit with the purpose, and I don’t enjoy them. I watch your channel for its shop and woodworking content.

  10. Great video, looking forward to the video of the ammunition chest. Do you think the metal corners could have been added at a later time and not be original to the chest?

  11. G’day Jay
    I really enjoyed this video, it felt a little more spontaneous. I particularly liked the chat on the phone to Duffy, made us feel like we were there with you.
    Y’all stay safe and well.

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