Vlog #166: Woah! This scared me

Just a quick follow-up on the osage orange bench. Osage orange is like padauk in that the dust is fine and gets everywhere. The bench turned out great and was definitely a conversation piece that weekend. I’ve got a lot of outdoor kitchen area stuff still to design so plenty more for that space.


  1. About 15 years ago, I also had a spiral 1/2″ bit climb upward (not completely out) of a router collet. I attributed it to the collet perhaps being a bit dirty and/or not properly tightening the bit. Needless to say it was terrifying when it penetrated the surface. Luckily, I was NOT using my hands for controlling the wood on top of the router table. Thank you for your amazing information. You were the first YouTube presenter I followed several years ago. You continue to provide outstanding content.
    Blessings to you Jay and your family.

  2. I never had a router incident, but I was making some cuts on my miter saw when the bolt came out of the arbor in the middle of a cut. If it wasn’t for the guard holding the bolt in the hole the blade would have come off during peak revolution. Fast reflexes stopped it quickly with only very minor damage to the arbor hole and some freyed nerves!

  3. I had a spinning bit come out of the router, just before starting another cut. it went right by me.I stopped the router, took the collet apart and blew everything out. Made sure everything was clean of dust or any other contaminate and put everything back together and tested everything from a safe distance away by plugging the router ito an extension cord. The cleanup of the parts fixed the proplem

  4. Would it have made a difference if the spiral was the opposite direction, or neutral? A not-snug collet is a problem. Is there a torque setting for these fasteners? Don’t recall ever seeing a spec. Perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention.

  5. I still have the boot that was cut when a router bit came out and hit it. I was outdoors and never found the bit. The router was brand new and I returned it and replaced it with a better one.

  6. I had a router bit come loose while flattening my workbench and caused a grove of maybe 1/2″, but it stayed in the collet. It did cause me to lose about 1/2″ of thickness on my workbench, but I was at about 3″, so I still had decent thickness.

  7. i have a radial arm saw
    i know its out of style but
    its a dewalt that was used in a lumber yard
    paid 75.00 for it and bought a 95.00 blade
    while i was using it
    the blade nut loosened and the blade was just rotating slowly while sitting on the arbor
    which was spinning fast
    scared me thankfully no incident

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