Panel Glue Up Platform

When gluing a panel together most people use a row of clamps as the platform to place the wood on top of. This works but it can be MUCH better. The problem is that if after the glue is applied and the pieces are ready to be clamped any repositioning of the clamps will cause the panel to shift. Also, repositioning of the panel might cause the clamps to shift. Sometimes it can be an annoying back and forth process. The goal is to isolate the material movement from the clamp movement. A few PVC pipe platforms will do the trick. Make these and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made them sooner.


  1. Thanks for another great idea. I use a couple of laminate covered I-beams that are made from double-layered mdf. The material came with metal sawhorses from the cheap tool place near the water. I substituted 5/4” radius edge deckboards for the tops of my horses, preferring painted treated pine for my horses that get used outdoors sometimes rather than the raw exposed edges of mdf. Since I kept the mdf tops flat in the shop, they made a nice panel platform. I like the light weight version you demonstrate better and will make longer ones using your tip. Thanks, and… your bear secret is safe with me!

  2. Eaten by gummy bears is better than being eaten by gummy worms. At least you went down fighting.
    I will probably be choked by red vines

  3. Great video Jay. Check out Feldthouse Family Woodworks on Instagram or YouTube. They just developed some cool T track risers for clamps that accomplish the same thing. Just a different way of achieving the same result.

  4. I have been watching the MTM channel for years. You may have recommended it. And yes I have pvc screwed to a portable table but I like your idea better.

  5. Why have I never thought of this? Too easy and so helpful. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick, once again.

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