Vlog #169: Giveaway Winner, Broken CNC? Broken Truck?

Video notes:

– Check out Leather by Dragonfly
– Thanks for entering the giveaway last month. Much appreciated.
– My daughter turns 4 next week. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!?!!!


  1. Sorry to here about all the problems. I’ve heard that exact same problems multiple times with Ford diesels. Turbo blows up and “the death wobble”. After all the horror stories I’ve heard about Ford diesels I’d never by one at any price.

  2. Re: Electric bill and usage – it is tough to conserve electric power and then see your bill climb because the rates per kilowatt hour are growing. I super insulated my walk out basement workshop 11 years ago with foam panels on the concrete floor covered by two layers of 1/2 inch plywood, spray foam on the cinder block walls and built the stud walls on top of the plywood floor deck, not touching the spray foam walls. My workshop has a mini split and the living areas of the house have three HVAC units – one heat pump and two regular A/C/gas heat furnaces. Even with the fancy insulation, fancy thermostats that change temps based on occupancy of that part of the house during the day or night, I’m averaging an additional $45 in cooling costs this summer each month. It is frustrating when the price of wood and electricity always seems to go up, but never seems to go down.

  3. My power (utilities juice water and garbage) when using Gainesville Regional Utilities in Florida 5 years ago for a 26×50 double wide was running 550 to 600 every month! And we were using gas for cooking not supplied by GRU!

  4. I’ve watched your content for years to learn things about woodworking, and that has been fantastic. However, seeing you with your little sweetheart daughter is the best thing ever. Mine baby girl is 12 and it has gone by so fast, as all parents know. Thanks for sharing a perfect bit of joy with us.

  5. On the truck issue, I’m just thankful I’ve held onto my beat up 1997 Chevy 3500 diesel crewcab truck. It is the ugliest in the county but that old beast just keeps running. Enjoy your camping and have a s’more for me my friend.

  6. I sympathize with high electric bills. In 2014 we had a 5kWh solar system installed. With amount not paid to utility, the rebate for power generated, and tax credits it was fully paid for this past Spring. It is well worth the investment. I had the system designed to produce 140% of our demand so we could increase the number of electric appliances without over powering the array. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and SUGGEST you investigate solar for your shop & home.

  7. Sorry to hear of all the issues you’ve had over the past few months. It does seem like when one thing goes wrong everything that can go wrong will. On a brighter note, how stinking cute is your little girl? Wish her a happy birthday for me.

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