Vlog 170: Cat house follow up and winners

The cat loves the cat house. The only error I found was on my part. The 150w bulb was just too powerful for the space. I let it run wide open for a half hour or so to see what it would do. It melted a bit of the ceiling insulation. After it was done, I opened it up and put a fan on it to air it out. I have since ordered a much smaller 25w bulb for it. I think the larger bulb would have been fine if it were mounted lower on the back wall. I also had to cut the three-slat door into six slats and remove a little more on the bottom so it doesn’t drag.

From the article:

The following were provided by Bits & Bits. I’ll select three winners. One bit per winner.

Winner #1 will get an Astra coated RFTD5125 1/2″ diameter spiral down cut flush trim bit.
Winner #2 will get an Astra coated 430-CM250FT 1/4″ diameter compression flush trim bit.
Winner #3 will get an Astra coated 430-SRF250FT 1/4″ diameter up cut flush trim bit.

Winners drawn:

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  2. Comment  #72 by Allen Byars
  3. Comment  #5 by Kent

Thanks for participating!


  1. Jay,
    I also am not a cat person, but Woody is cute. The discussion on the heat bulb is helpful. I live in Colorado and was considering using a light bulb in a cabinet to keep glues and finishes warm. My shop is kept at 40 degrees when I’m not in there. That low watt heat bulb may be the answer.

    PS. It seems you’re a good Dad too.


  2. After kids and grandkids pets are the next biggest distraction from getting work done, and they’re worth every second! Creating shop rules for your daughter was just practice. :-)

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