Every Table Saw Should Have These

Every table saw should have these. If you own a table saw you will benefit from making a pair of these. Even if you don’t cut full sheets of plywood, these arms can be helpful when using larger table saw sleds. Click here for a free diagram of my exact setup. Mine is made for a SawStop PCS table saw with the industrial mobile base. Adjust according to your needs.

If your saw doesn’t have a square tube front rail, don’t worry. You can make one for just about any saw out there.  Just scribe a block to fit the rail profile and cut it as thin as possible to still be allowed to glue to the top of it. Then size the rail for the distance between the top of the scribed block and the table surface. That’s your rail thickness. Everything else should be straight forward building.


  1. Chaos is a good word choice. The last time I cut a full sheet on my saw it looked hilarious and felt super awkward. I’ve thought about making the small ones often seen but these make more sense for me.

  2. Great little helping hands, Jay~! I remember seeing these in your videos way back. I’m glad that you did this video being that I’ve forgotten all about them. Making them for my previous saw would’ve had the small inconvenience of dealing with the extruded aluminum rail, but I now have a SawStop PCS, so this is great timing. I’m going out to the shop to make a pair~! Thanks much~!!

  3. What a brilliant Idea! I have always just throw a sheet over an old sawhorse, bu that was always awkward at best, and a hassle to set up. That said, an old sheet doubled over makes a great improvised sliding surface. just give yourself a place for it to “run off” before it gets to the saw. I keep the horse about 4 – 6 inches away from the table, and the sheet just drops off in a nice pile making rest for he next run quick and easy.

  4. Than ks for sharing your support legs. What a great idea. I have a 3 x 3 table right now that supports the longer wood and sheet goods. Now I can get rid of the table and free up some shop space.

  5. I have a Delta unisaw with a Biesmeyer fence. Do you have or know how I can attach these to my saw?

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