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Computer or Laptop Cart V3 – CNC AND VECTOR FILES




This is version 3 of the laptop or computer carts that I’ve made for my shop. Version 1 can be found here and version 2 can be seen at the beginning of this video.

Some inspiration was taken from Evil Mad Scientist’s version which can be found here. They even offer free downloadable files for you to use. I encourage you to check it out.

These files are for a computer or laptop cart to be cut with a CNC machine. I used three sheets of 1/2″ CD grade pine plywood for mine. All mortise width’s and tenon lengths are .470″ in this design. I’d suggest cutting a slot out of scrap material with a .470″ width and testing it on your 1/2″ plywood before cutting anything. Just to see how good of a fit you will get. You can then adjust the allowance in each one of the toolpaths to either increase or decrease the size of everything by a tiny amount to get the exact fit you need for the mortise and tenon joints. The files contain a monitor mount as well but I did not include it on my cart as I am using a laptop. You will receive a download link containing a .zip file. The .zip file contains the following files:

Download links expire for security reasons. Download your files immediately and save them to your computer for your records. If you have any trouble contact me and I’ll remedy the situation.