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SKU: Shopvac and Cyclone Cart PLAN.


Click here to see the build article for this project. Every piece in this plan is color coded to designate it’s location. I find this approach easy to follow as you can visually glance at the layout or reference diagrams and know where on the final assembly that particular part will end up. The total height without casters is 64-3/4” with a footprint of 18-1/4” x 24”. Tool holders are included for both 1-1/4” and 2-1/2” hose accessories. Tool extensions as well as extra hoses can also be stored. I used a Clearvue Mini CV06 cyclone but you can adapt any cyclone to fit. Same with the shopvac. If your shopvac or cyclone are different you may have to adjust the height of the legs, the position of the front arms, and the diameter of the shopvac and cyclone holders. Use wood glue at every joint in the project and predrill for all of the screws to prevent the plywood from splitting. I used brad nails to hold the pieces in place before securing them with wood screws. The original hose included with the cyclone was not long enough to use in this configuration. I had to use a longer hose that I had. Included in the Shopvac and cyclone cart plan:

  • 14 detailed pages
  • shopping list
  • tools list
  • plywood layout diagram
  • reference diagrams for specific part dimensions
  • step by step 3D assembly diagrams with written instructions


The entire plan is included in one PDF document. Most everyone will have a PDF reader installed on their computer already but if you do not you can use the free program Adobe Reader to view the plans. You can download Adobe Reader HERE. The checkout process for this plan uses PayPal. You can use major credit or debit cards through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. To purchase the plan follow the link below. After you purchase the plan you will receive an email receipt from me containing a link to download your plan. Make sure to check your inbox and spam filter for the receipt. If you do not receive the email within 10-15 minutes or encounter any problems please contact me.

2 reviews for Shopvac and Cyclone Cart PLAN

  1. Mike Dodson
    5 out of 5


    I had been dragging around my DustDeputy bolted to my shopvac for a couple of years and not happy with how much space and hassle it was to deal with it. I saw the plans for this cart and thought how smart the whole thing was, so I ordered the plans. My build varies from the plans to take advantage of some scrap wood I had on hand, but it works the same way. I did put some HF 6″ wheels on the back so I can tip it back and roll it around to where I want it. It really is handy, roll into the garage to vacuum out the cars and the other day the dog barfed on the rug so into the living room the whole thing went to spot clean the carpet. This is one of those ideas that when I saw it I thought “Wow, now this guy was really thinking!” Anyway, worth the cost of the plans many times over. Well done Jay!

    • Jay Bates


      Thank you very much for providing feedback Mike. I appreciate it.

  2. Jerry E. Malcolm
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought your Shopvac and Cyclone Cart Plan and am going to build it. One question. Did you consider using 2x4s for the legs instead of plywood? It seems like it would have been easier, cheaper and possibly stronger with 2x4s. if, of course, you could find straight ones!!

    • Jay Bates


      I wanted to stick with all plywood for the design. It is a little lighter in the end and structurally is plenty strong enough. Also, like you said, finding straight 2×4’s is tough. They would work if you want to use them though.

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