Shop Tour Template

I’d love to be able to promote your shop, any relevant content or social media links you have, and any links to purchase items you created if available (note: I’ll promote everything you have except a project plan that directly competes with one of my project plans. No affiliate links. I’m sure you understand). But to help me out I’m requiring a certain format to submit the content. It’s a lot easier on my end, makes touring the shop seamless as people can follow along easier, and ensures there is no miscommunication between us as to how it will look when published. I ask that you simply follow these steps:
  • A clean, organized shop is a must!
  • Start with a wide image of your shop or an overall image that you would consider to be a good representation of your shop if you were only able to submit one image.
  • Then pick a wall and move clockwise or counter clockwise around the shop. Take as many pics as you would like but remember that you need at least sentence or two for every picture.
  • When finished with the perimeter cover anything you have in the center.
  • On a computer, open the folder containing your images and renumber them 1 through however many pics you took. The easiest way to do this on a windows computer is to sort the folder by name, select the first image, hold shift and select the last image, right click on the first image, select rename and put your name or shop name followed by shop tour. Then it will rename all the files as Your Name Shop Tour (1) in numerical order for all the files.
  • Then open a text document or even a regular email to me and type as much or as little as you want in the following format. Please stick to the format below and do not include a bulleted list or numbered list as it will often produce formatting errors when copying to and from various programs.

In this first paragraph introduce you, your shop, your business, and any online content.

The second paragraph starts the shop tour. Simply write a description for pic 1 in this paragraph. It can be as little or as much as you’d like. If you have any URL links such as a video or article for the content in picture 1 include it at the end of this paragraph.

1 Simply put the number 1 on this line to let me know pic 1 goes here.

Write a description for pic 2. Add any links for pic 2.


Write a description for pic 3. Add any links for pic 3.


Write a description for pic 4. Add any links for pic 4.


After all the pics you can either end with the last pic or write an exit paragraph promoting your stuff once again.

Send me the text in the format listed above. Please stick to the format above and do not include a bulleted list or numbered list. It’s just a nightmare working with pre-formatted text from various different programs.


  • Upload the full resolution .jpg images and your logo if you have one and want me to include it to either a Google Drive folder or a Dropbox folder and send me a download link.
  • If you prefer to edit your images yourself feel free to do so. Include your logo and reduce the size to no more than 1920 pixels wide and save with a compression format for online images. Similar to the “save for web” .jpg feature in Photoshop. For more information click here:
  • Then email me your shirt size, address, and phone number (for shipping purposes only) and I’ll get a package sent out to you when it publishes :)
That ended up being a bit longer than I had hoped for but I’ve found this format to be the easiest to compile on our end and easiest to read as far as article flow on the consumer’s end. If you have any questions just let me know.