Jason Wright’s 6 Foot Picnic Table

Jason Wright's 6 Foot Picnic Table
Jason Wright's 6 Foot Picnic Table

I have had a few people say they have built my 6 foot picnic table but this is the first picture I have received. Jason Wright took on the build and found out first hand how solid the table is. Jason wrights:

Here is a picture of the picnic table I built from your plans.  Sorry about the picture quality.  It was a quick pic that I took to show my buddy right after I built it and I have already taken it over to my dad’s house.  He had been asking me to build him one for a while now.  I searched YouTube for videos and found yours (along with the link with the SketchUp design).  After I built it I decided that it was rock solid so I did not add the 45 degree supports under the top.  That was the only change I made. I can add them later if I think they are needed (doubtful!).  All of the material totaled $110.  Thanks again!
Jason Wright


It’s good to hear that the table was strong enough without the 45° bracing and I’m glad you gave the build a try. Great job!


Jason Wright's 6 Foot Picnic Table

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