Shooting a Sweet Gum Mortar | Part 2

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Duffy Neubauer is the creator of the Starkville Civil War Arsenal. It’s the only facility in the country where visitors can view all of the Civil War field artillery carriages and associated support vehicles. The Arsenal features several canons, a rolling forge, a Wheeling ambulance, and a few other carriages. The newest addition is a sweet gum mortar. The sweet gum mortar is a portable mortar made from the trunk of a sweet gum tree.

In Shooting a Sweet Gum Mortar Part 1 (video below) we learned about how a sweet gum mortar was made, the ammunition it shot, and shot several rounds through it. In part 2 (video above) Duffy discusses the tasks of the soldiers involved, we fire a camera out of the mortar, and we fire several shots at night.

To learn more about Duffy Neubauer, his collection and woodworking recreation of Civil War artillery, or to schedule a visit check out: