CD Cabinet for my Dad

CD Cabinet

This is a small cabinet I built for my dad for Christmas. It is a CD cabinet with the bottom shelves sized for a CD case. The top shelf happens to be perfect height for DVD cases. If I knew how technology was going it would have been a lot easier to make a single MP3 holder lol. It was entirely built out of junk I had laying around. I wanted to build something but did not want to spend any money to collect more junk around the shop. I decided to build this small cabinet. It was sized around a scrap piece of glass I had. Trying not to spend a dime, I was stuck with using salvaged metal strips that used to be magnet catches to hold the glass in place. the clips look ugly when the door is open but they serve their purpose. On a last minute adjustment I added a top piece and a base to it. The darker pic is after 2 years. Its amazing how much wood color changes over time.CD Cabinet CD Cabinet CD Cabinet CD Cabinet