Farm Style Table #2

Farm Table 2

I liked the last farm table I built so much that I decided to build one for myself. Total Cost $58.27 + 10 hours labor. Solid construction grade pine. Amber shellac stain with 5 coats of Polycrylic. 70” x 32” surface area and 29.5” high. Legs are laminated 3.25” x 3.25”. I was in a hurry to finish for the night when I joined the top. As you can see from the pic with the plane in it, I did quite a crappy job. Trying to rush for a half hour cost me 2 hours worth of elbow grease with the plane. Every joint is with pocket hole screws. Very pleased with the results. Last pic shows what it replaced.Farm Table 2 Farm Table 2 Farm Table 2 Farm Table 2

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  1. Ahh. Awesome. Thanks. Couple more questions. I don’t have a nice planer, only a ryobi hand planer. When I kreg jig the top boards together, the wood always moves up or down, and the table top is never even. Any tips on how to solve this?

    I’ve thought about buying some bar clamps, gluing it all, clamping it from top and bottom, and then screwing in the kreg screws to reduce the movement as I screw the pocket screws. But I don’t feel like “experimenting” bc 50-60$ is a lot of cash for me to screw up again. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for the response, love your site and YouTube channel. About to make your finishing supplies rack in the next week or so.

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