Video: How I micro adjust my table saw fence

I have seen this done before so Its not my original idea but it is an inexpensive approach none the less. Anytime you have a time saving tip or a money saving tip I’m interested. Since making this video I have purchased a dial indicator but this is how I used to micro adjust my table saw fence. As I show in this video, simply use a digital caliper mounted to a block of wood. The dial indicator sits in between some smaller pieces of scrap poplar. They are positioned in a way that it fits snugly in place. You can still remove the dial indicator easily though. The obvious benefit of this approach is that you can adjust the fence with a tool that you probably have. No need to purchase another tool (dial indicator). The obvious drawback is that you can only go one direction. I found that when I went just a tad too far i had to move the fence back, pull out the slide on the caliper and start over. If this happens you cant move the caliper or you will lose your original reference point. Anyway, This is a quick fix for those who do not have a dial indicator. It worked great when needed!