How To Build A Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

Size: 18″x18″x32″. Species: Pine. Cost: About $60. This is a super simple way to get the nice floating panel look without the complicated joinery and tools. Obviously if you can build a chest with floating panels I would reccomend you do so but not all of us can. All the pocket holes are covered by the interior panels so you never see any of them. Want to build one? Here are the files needed, a picture gallery of the build, and a video series covering the build. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. I will be glad to help in any way I can. I am also working on a larger set of plans with the same design and will post them as soon as I get a chance. Hope you enjoy!

One of my viewers built this same chest. Check it out here

SketchUp file with cutlist and layout:

Pocket Hole Blanket ChestPocket Hole Blanket Chest

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest Pocket Hole Blanket Chest Pocket Hole Blanket Chest Pocket Hole Blanket Chest Pocket Hole Blanket Chest Pocket Hole Blanket Chest



  1. I was wondering if you think this project would hold up as a kids toy chest that I could use in our living room to hide kids toys that seem to migrate from the toy room? I love it.

    The plans call it a small chest. Do you have plans for a larger chest? The kids are spoiled and have lots of toys!

    • Perfect timing Mick. This chest will hold up just fine with toys. It is incredibly strong. I have made several of these with the same design and have never had a problem out of any aspect of it. I am currently making a much larger chest (44″ long, 24″ tall, and 22-1/2″ deep) out of common 2×4 materials that I will have free plans for within the next couple weeks. The construction of my new design is completely glue and halflap joints. No pocket hole screws. I want to have another option for those who don’t like pocket hole construction. Either one you choose you will be happy with. You can take the plans and lengthen the dimensions to whatever size you want and it will work out. If you prefer the pocket hole method I can whip up some larger plans for you.

      • Very nice jay……..I love to build but i would like a larger plan….Can you provide me with the plan….

  2. I would love to see larger plans that use the pocket hole method. I recently purchased a Kreg Jig and love it. I am very new to woodworking and my weakness is definetely developing cut lists on my own to build projects. I tend to waste wood and money.

  3. Hey jay
    Thanks for the plans, they have been really helpful. The only suggestion I would give is to add the top panel into the cut list, I spent a little bit scratching my head trying to figure out why I didn’t have enough wood. You did mention it in passing in your first video, but over all these plans are great. thank you for your help.

  4. Made the small chest out of used flooring and plywood. Love it but would like a larger chest. Do you have plans for larger one?

  5. Hey I really love the design. If I did biscuits instead of pocket holes (have access to the power tool) would I run into any major problems?

  6. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for these plans and videos. I made one for my wife for Xmas. I just have to install the hardware and finish it!

    I would love to build a larger one in the future and I see that you’ve mentioned that you have plans for a larger one. Would you be able to share those plans with me as well?

    I can imagine it’s just an increase to the length of certain parts and I could probably make the changes to the Sketchup plans, cutlust, and layout diagram myself, but, hey, if you’ve already made the effort, I would love to take advantage of that!

    If you need my email address to send the plans, please let me know!


    • Sorry Tim. I was looking for the second version I made for someone else and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I switched computers twice since this build and seem to have lost them.

  7. Jay would you have a problem emailing me a cut list and buy list. I am new to woodworking and could use all the help I can get. I am going to build this chest


  8. the box looks like it would stand up to what any kid can put it thought . I made a similar chest would like to show you, so you can tell me what you think of it. .

  9. Very nice looking chest. I am looking at trying to make a youth 4-H project with my daughter. Figured using pocket screws would be easier then tongue and grove to get her started as this is her first wood project and she is supposed to make it herself. We would like to make a chest that is larger. Prefer around 45″ wide x 20-22 deep x 20-22 high. If you have any plans close to those dimensions I would be very grateful. Since its a 4-H project and competes against other wood projects it would help if it had some curves on the lower pieces.

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