Half Lap Stools – Tips for precise table saw half laps

Our outdoor kitchen area is nearing completion. Of course, there are always little things to do here and there and everywhere. But the main aspects of seating, entertaining, and cooking are all done. That is, done with the completion of these stools.

Half lap joints are GREAT! I think they have one of the highest ratios of low effort to complete to high strength. Of course, there are stronger joints, but are they as easy to make? Try half laps for yourself, and then you decide.

If you would like to explore more half lap joint projects, check out the following:


    • To blend proportions from squares to rectangles. High number of small squares with the small stools. Then the number goes down as it transitions to rectangles with the end stools. And finally a single large rectangle for the table itself. I think this “flows” better, visually, than just having all of the stools being a completely different shape than the table.

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