SolidWorks: Some of My Animations

solidworks guitar

Most of my 3d modeling is done in SketchUp. However, for more intricate designs (non woodworking) I gravitate to SolidWorks. One obvious advantage is the ability to render animations of moving parts. I do not have SolidWorks on this computer anymore but I do have access to the program elsewhere for future use. While in college SolidWorks was the program I used exclusively. The possibilities with this program are endless. A lot of the industrial companies use it to greatly reduce R&D costs. The ability to test and simulate parts before they are built is an invaluable tool in todays world. Anyway, enough of me rambling. Here are some rendered video animations of items I have made. Thanks for watching!

Acoustic Guitar:

15″ Mud Tire and Rim:

Working Butterfly Valve:

My 4 cylinder engine running, 3 videos:

Image Renderings: