Table Saw and Future Router Station

Table Saw Station
Table Saw Station

Ahhhh. I can finally breathe a little easier as this project is finally done. The project consists of a simple sturdy base for my table saw and future router upgrade. I will be building the router table soon so I wanted to allow enough space for design modifications. I also wanted full dust collector usage for both machines. I incorporated dust collection below for both with 4” PVC and two blast gates. This allows me to open and close the dust collection for either machine I am using. So far the table saw side is working GREAT! Another requirement was to be mobile so I added four 3″ locking casters to the base. When they are in the free movement mode they are absolutely great. The ease of movement this saw has increased tremendously over the stock base. No more curling the saw just to move it. One down side to the transformation is the locking position. All four casters lock at the wheels but not at the swivel. This isn’t an incredible concern but is a bit annoying at times. The difference in cost for dual locking swivel casters was not worth it in my eyes. Sometimes you see projects online that have casters that cost $20 each! Not here. I’m a budget woodworker. I have about $45 invested in the base. If I were to do it all again I would in a heartbeat. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Here are three videos of the build if you are interested. Thanks for watching.



Table Saw Station Table Saw Station Table Saw Station


  1. Now that you have had it for awhile…besides the crappy casters :-) anything else you would have changed? I am a newbie to woodworking. Got a older Craftsman TS and it’s stand is junk. I plan on making this (along with the router table stand) as soon as I make room in my garage.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hmmm….I think the dust collection needs to be reworked. The dust builds a funnel inside the cabinet before getting sucked down. I would have a dedicated dust chamber below that has dust collection hooked up to it. That way the dust funnel can form down there and not in the saw cabinet. Other than that I wouldn’t go as big as I did. I find that I just store junk on the saw when I need to use it. Making it smaller would hopefully prevent that. For what I do I don’t need all that material support. I always break down my sheet goods with a circular saw first.

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