Michael Esposito’s Pine Blanket Chest

Michael Esposito's Pine Blanket Chest

Michael writes:

I have to give Jay a lot of credit even if he doesn’t know it. I have a very tiny shop with plenty of tools but I don’t have the eye for seeing a project in my head then draw it and so on. Jays site made it easy for me to understand what to do and how I could make my own chest..  

As I went along I would make a mistake and then try and hide it by adding something new to not make it obvious. For instance, the black screws you see around the chest well like a jerk I used a screw to close up a mitered corner then realizing I couldn’t leave it like that so I pre drilled holes cut off half the screw and put them where you can see them as if I planned it that way. See the lid is out of proportion????  

I won’t go on, to many mistakes and not all covered, hehehe.  

On to my next project using pallet wood for a coffee table and use a clear finish..  

Thanks again jay.

Thanks Michael! I’m glad you were able to build this chest. As people say you are often times the hardest critic to your own work. I think it turned out great! I’m glad I could be of some help and thanks for choosing my design. Here are some pics of his chest. Be sure to let Michael know what you think of his chest in the comments below!

Michael Esposito's Pine Blanket Chest

Michael Esposito's Pine Blanket Chest

Michael Esposito's Pine Blanket Chest
Applying the stain

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  1. Looks great Michael! We all learn a little more, with each project we do. As far as the ‘mistakes’ you are the only one that will see them. I’m the same way. But Jay is right… we are our own worst critic. Your work will be appreciated by everyone that sees it, for many years to come!

  2. Michael,
    I think it looks great. Good job. When I was an apprentice, my journeyman would say “You can’t be a journeyman until you learn to fix-up what you screw-up”. I’ve carried that thought with me my whole life. As long as it looks good when it’s done, you’ve done well.

    Put a coat of finish on the inside of that lid (to keep it from warping) and display it proudly. Everyone will love it.

  3. Michael,
    Really nice work! I like the color – can you tell me what you used? Is it a stain or just Amber shellac?
    Thanks –

  4. As you continue on your woodworking journey, you will get very good at fixing mistakes. Sometimes it even morphs into something even better. So enjoy!

  5. I agree with the rest of the posters… Nice Work! And Yes we are our own worst critic… But experience has taught me… if you can stand back look at it and say… “I I like it!”… then be proud of it… and the people you build it for will love it… Atleast that’s been my experience. Lots of times I stand back looking at a finished product and think I could’ve done this.. or that… but as they say about artists… Their never happy with their work. So that keeps us always striving to do better. So keep up the good work!!

  6. Michael, don’t put yourself down. This looks great and don’t forget it was your first project. When we watch Jay or the other experts we forget that they started somewhere and made as many mistakes as we do. I am sure Jay will admit that he still makes mistakes.

    Great work and carry on it’s great to sit back and say “I made that”

    Regards from UK

  7. Hi I am all new to wood working .i have been watch jays on YouTube.
    I am trying to learn how to do this stuff.

  8. Michael that looks great! Remember too its only a mistake if it messes up the project. Otherwise it’s another part of you that you add to the project

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