Kevin Wilske’s Mini Benches

Not only did Kevin make a sweet looking condiment bench but he also made one for a trio of plants! This is so cool. I like how you can put an idea out there on the Internet and people get so creative with it. I noticed he made an improvement with the utensil holders. He added another piece on bottom to stop them from falling out. I never had a problem with this but then again I only loaded mine for the camera. Kevin writes:

I took the mini bench condiment holder project and converted it into a flower pot. The flower pots are about 4 inches in diameter. It actually didn’t take any longer than the original plan but I had to add stiffeners to give it strength. I also had to use my band saw to cut them out, but glued up the boards first to make the cutting a bit easier. Fun project and cheap! I have other projects that I have done on my Facebook page under, Garage Therapy Woodworking.

Be sure to stop by Kevin’s woodworking Facebook page and check out his other projects!

Kevin Wilske Mini Bench

Kevin Wilske Mini Bench

Kevin Wilske Mini Bench

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