Kenneth Kelly’s Blanket Chest

kenneth blanket chest

Here’s another great build of my blanket chest. I like how he put the piano hinge on the back. Much easier than the traditional route of mortising for separate hinges. I like the finish as well. It has a certain rustic (?) look that makes you look longer. Kenneth writes:

Whats up Jay. Here is my no frills chest. With this being my first attempt I can see all the flaws. That being said, My daughter thinks I knocked it out of the park! She loves the design, and she picked her stain color. With this project being for her and not me, all I can say is thanks man. I learned a lot and it was fun, plus I get to be a hero. I’m definitely going to try it again and I promised my wife the larger 2 x 4 version. Thanks Jay, you the man baby!

kenneth blanket chest kenneth blanket chest


  1. Jay, I started the download, but my antivirus software stopped it from downloading. It said there was a file with a virus in it. My question centers around the easy way to attach the piano hinge without having to mortise. I was not able to tell from the picture what the easy way was, but am guessing that he mounted it to the back edge of the lid and the back of the cabinet such that when the lid is closed, the piano hinge is actually in the opened position. Correct assumption?

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