Kenneth Kelly’s Miter Saw Stand

miter saw stand
This is an awesome example of reusing “trash” materials. I wish more people would think like this. Ken and I went back and forth a bit with this project so I’ll just post the conversation. A really cool/functional miter saw stand from TRASH! Ken writes:
Hey Jay,
This is a miter saw cart I made from an old entertainment center that was being thrown out. It’s my first shot a Trash To Treasure. Thanks for the inspiration. I got the design from Her plans called for hinges that you have to order on line. I didn’t want to pay and wait, so I used the plans for your arms and made a hybrid. I think it came out pretty good but its a bit wobbly. It’s made with half inch particle board. I noticed on your miter saw cart from Ibuildit that you fastened boards on the inside of the cabinet. Do you think this would work for me? Or do you have any other suggestions?
Thanks again for what you do.
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The movement/wobbling you are experiencing is called racking. If you tack on some 1/4 or 1/8″ ply to the back you will reduce it tremendously. That’s why you see a lot of those cheap entertainment centers with a tack on “pressed cardboard” back. It helps stiffen the not-so-good joints. You can probably find a junk piece of paneling in the trash somewhere that will solve the problem. How do you like those arms? I noticed if you sand the support arm on its ends it will fold down easier.
Okay, that makes perfect sense. Thanks. The arms are GREAT.  I’ve already been using them a lot. Like I mentioned, the other plans wanted you to buy hinges on line, I was really glad to be able to use the kreg screws I already had, I think your design is brilliantly simple and It works great. So the whole thing cost me nothing. I think I will be making Key chain holders for Christmas gifts this year!!!
Wobble No MORE! Okay so at first I thought, this guy knows his stuff. Now I think, wow this guy really knows his stuff. I added the back. It is three-quarter inch plywood and it does not rack or wobble at all! Thanks again for the tip.
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