Make A SUPER EASY Key Holder Shelf

I made a bunch of these last year but they were all finished in Amber Shellac. Lately we have been replacing all of our lighter furniture with darker furniture. These key holder shelves are incredibly easy to make. Because they are also inexpensive I suggest batching out a few of them at a time.

In the video I made mine out of some scrap 2x4s but last year I used 1×4 material. The width and length are essentially up to you. The dimensions I went with are 3″ wide for all of my boards, and 19″ long for the shelf, and 17-3/4″ long for the wall board. If you are ripping 2x4s for material you can get one completed shelf out of 20″ of 2×4.

The hardware for each shelf is 6 cup hooks, two #10 wood screws to mount the shelf to the wall, and two 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws to attach the wall board to the shelf. If you don’t have a pocket hole jig you can pre-drill and use screws from above.

DIY Key Holder Shelf

Both wood pieces are cut to length with 15° angles on the ends. If you have a router you can easily dress up the edges like I did. I used a chamfer bit on the bottom side of the shelf and on the front side of the wall board. The cup hooks are placed 1-1/8″ from the bottom and are spaced 2-1/4″ apart. I also drilled two holes for the #10 mounting screws about 3/4″ below the shelf. If you want you can space these 16″ apart to secure it into two studs. I did not on mine. If you use a screwdriver to drive the screws and make sure you don’t over tighten than the screws will hold just fine in drywall without any anchors. Some may say this is not a good idea but they are barely holding any weight and the one I took down has been up for a year with no problems.

These are so easy and can be made out of pretty much any material. I would love to see some out of pallet wood! If you make any be sure to stop by and show them off! For all you Pinterest users I would appreciate all of your pins :)
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  1. Nice project and with the holidays just around the corner will be an a nice gift for friends and family

  2. What color of stain did you use on the shelves, I really like the darker color. This is the shade of stain I have been wanting on some of my pine projects. Thanks

  3. Jay- I am just getting in to woodworking. Did build a two car garage and was a framer for short time in the past but have not done much wood working,. Like the Kreg Pocket hole jig a lot made a book case a couple of years ago using the Kreg and it worked super. Thanks for all the exelent information. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Don Lallier

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