Mike’s Modded Sitting Bench

bench plus mods

This is a really cool one. He combined my chair, my bench, and Ken’s bench to make his own really cool bench. Mike writes:

Hi Jay,

This is my version of your outdoor bench. I added the extra 2×4 to the front seat of the bench but I also added arm rests. I made the legs the same size (25″) as your 2×4 chairs and added a shaped arm rest. One other modification was the 40 inch stretcher under the seat. I put it on the other side of the back rest so that I had a better shot at the pocket holes. Seemed to work fine. Really enjoy your videos ….


Mike O. (aka IslandShrooms on Keek)bench plus mods


  1. Hi Mike.
    I like the armrests. Did you make the the 2 lower backrest pieces shorter? Also the seat bottom pieces. ? Is the upper side rails on the legs strong enough to support the seat ? Should I double up on the 2 top 20″ rails ? I ask this because in jays build the seat rests on the left and right legs.

    Thank you for your help. GREG petrone


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