Peter Duffy’s 2×4 Chair

Peter made a version of my 2×4 arm chair. I really like the angle he put on the back slats. I haven’t seen this done yet and it adds a whole new look to the chair. Great job Peter. Peter writes:

Hi Jay

I am British Living on the island of Sardinia I found yous site saw the chair and decided to have a go (I am a novice) . I had some old paling wooden fencing lying about for three years and this winter it was going for firewood size of the timber is 38 x 75 I adapted the plan a little and built a prototype chair, my wife sat in it and stated the arm rests were to low so I added an extra rest made from 38mm thick timber also she said that the seat was a bit short.

Once the chair was assembled I then scored a line on the back rest from the outside corner of the last short back slat to the top of the outside longer back slat on both sides then removed the scored slats and cut an angle following the scored lines.

I then made a second chair with the angled slat on the front of the seat and higher arm rests also I used pocket hole hole joints throughout

Keep up the great work

Regards Pete Duffy



  1. Excellent, effort their Pete. Most impressed. I have a list for you when you return home to England. Most Proffesional. Great site.

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