Bety Amos’ Awesome Daybed

Projects from recycled materials are awesome. This is a beautiful example of one and kudos for the SketchUp work. I absolutely love the finish here. Betty writes:

I gathered pallets and wood from renovation sites and dumpsters. It was a long process to disassemble, pull out nails and sand off the outer layers of ugly. Underneath I discovered beauty in the bare pine, fir and oak. The character of the grain and knot holes showed themselves and I knew I was on the right track. The finished dimensions of the daybed were dependent on the wood I had and the size of the twin mattress I used. I used SketchUp to work out the design and building stages. Being able to see the project in 3D gave me the ability to see the problems and redesign when I needed to.DAYBED 4shadowz I stained the wood with a light blue gray solid stain that I lightly sanded to let some of the grain show through. Finally I applied two coats of satin finish to protect the wood.pallet wood-stained-sealed

I designed the mattress and pillow covers out of white cotton denim.  

Betty Amos





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