Make Quick, Strong, Easy Drawers

Here is a quick video showing how I make my drawers 99 times out of 100. This is an easy process using pocket hole screws and a floating bottom. I have never had a problem with this drawer construction.



  1. Thanks for the video! I have a quick question though, if you do this for most of your drawers does that mean almost all of yours have a false front?

  2. Coolio!thnx for all the informative clever vids! Gordie Howe &# 9 4 ev’s haha..would love to see how to make an iPad,phone etc charging station! Work with a crew that uses everything from Makitas to Bosch to little mini guns and they all have various Ipad/evil empire devices that are all over our gold rm…was looking and thinking at your bitchin’ charging station,love the Cleat Francais! Think it could be modified for Mac devices with same angled shelf..anyway nice work thank you!-cheers JP

  3. Do you use a different size pocket screw with 1/2″ than with 3/4″? What is the setting for the pocket hole jig for 1/2″ ? I plan to use this method on my current project.


    • I’m not sure of the setting on the jig that you are using but my K4 has a setting for 1/2″ material. 1″ screws are to be used with 1/2″ material. Be sure to clamp everything down tightly and go slow with the screws.

  4. Nice. I was under the same impression regarding dovetails. My wife and I bought an expensive (to us) bedroom set for our 1st Daughter some years ago. The dresser drawers are made with dovetail joinery. They are functional, but upon looking at them closely, they aren’t very well made. They look like they were machine made on an assembly line operated for speed rather than quality. Very disappointing. The other thing is the finish isn’t very good. I’d say it just Ok. It really ought to have had a poly clear coat ( I guess) to protect against scratches, dents, etc. We got it before I really got into woodworking. While I’m still a noob, I’ve learned quite a bit since then. Oh well, such is life…

  5. Hello Jay. Your work is great and very inspirational. I have a question. How do you set your pocket hole jig for half inch boards so that the screw does not protrude when the holes are on the outside? I set the jig up according to the directions and use the right sized screw but it still happens. What am I doing wrong? Very much a novice.

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